Friday, October 04, 2013

30 Magical Moments: #4 Try a Pastry in Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

Today's Magical Moment is post #300 on the Amazing Technicolor Interwebs! I've been blogging on Blogspot since April 25, 2006.  (I blogged in a few other places before then since the late 90's.)  I just reread my first post on here, and I realize how far my blog has come and how much it's changed, and I smile. So thank you to all of my readers new and old! Can't wait to share more with you all!

As I write this post my apartment is in total disarray.  I'm moving to a new, larger apartment in a couple of weeks, and I started packing tonight. While I absolutely despise packing, it was fun to find some things I had forgotten.  My favorite find so far was that on the bottom of all of my Willow Tree figures I had written who gave them to me.  One holding a glittery star was from a friend as a thank you for her baby shower. Another holding a cat was from a couple as a thank you for watching their cats. Some were from my parents and others were from my sister or women from back home. I was touched to find one that was from a childhood best friend and another I'd written "from me after losing Pewter" on the bottom of. It was a girl hugging a grey cat like my late cat. Each figure holds meaning and memories for me, and as I packed each one I smiled quietly as I walked down memory lane.

Soooo that was a total sidetrack from Disney, but my point in all of that was there might be some Monday, Wednesday, or Friday in the next few weeks where I don't make it to blogging. Sorry in advance if that happens! :)

On to Magical Moment #4! One of my absolute must-dos every single Disney trip is to go savor a Napoleon in France in Epcot. The Boulangerie Patisserie is full of amazing pastries and treats, and everyone I visit with knows this is a stop we will make. During one trip to Disney with my friend Kyle I was sick to my stomach most of the trip. One afternoon I was feeling better, and when he realized it, he insisted we go straight to France and get me some Napoleon while I could enjoy it! It's that important to me. 

For this trip we'd heard that the Boulangerie Patisserie was going to be moved and remodeled. I was scared this would bring a menu change that would omit the Napoleon, but my fears were unfounded. When the new menu was posted, many old favorites made it on it!  Magical Moment #4 was to try a pastry in the Boulangerie Patisserie in the newly remodeled Les Halles.

I like to think this photo shows the heavens shining down
on this amazing venue! 
Now the line to the pastries is inside!
The Chocolate Tart was tempting!
Magical Moment #4!!! 
LaRae got the Chocolate Tart. It was tasty! The Napoleon
has changed a bit. It's a tad smaller but still huge. The
messy topping of powdered sugar has been replaced too
but that makes it easier to eat outdoors. 

After our amazing lunch in Italy and our fabulous desserts in France, we reapplied our red lipstick and took off for Future World again. Our next Magical Moment is only for Disney VISA holders.  Do you know where we were going next?

The Flower & Garden Festival had a gorgeous Oz display. I can't get over the magic that Disney can create with living plants during this festival! While strolling around the park it feels joyful and Spring-y from all of the flowers and splashes of color. My favorite path is where the Oz display was where you can literally stop and smell the roses. The roses were fragrant and in full bloom for our visit. Their perfume caused me to slow down and breath deeply (kinda like a crazy woman, but they smelled soooo good)!
LaRae going to Oz 
The Wizard's Balloon
Simply amazing, isn't it? (There are the roses I mentioned above!)

What's your favorite treat in the World Showcase? Do you have a shop you stop in every trip?

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