Monday, October 28, 2013

30 Magical Moments: #7 Ride Dinosaur with My Eyes OPEN

Magical Moment #7 was more of a challenge than anything else.  The first time I visited Disney's Animal Kingdom, I tried to ride Dinosaur.  I say "tried to" because about one minute into the ride I was huddled on my sister's shoulder, whimpering into her ear, with my eyes tightly shut!  Every attempt after that I have never been able to keep my eyes open the entire ride.  There's something about a countdown to a meteor shower coupled with the dark and dinosaurs lunging at me that makes this ride panic-inducing for me. But trip after trip I have ridden it hoping I could get over my fears!

I am proud to say that this trip I not only faced my fears, but we rode Dinosaur a few times and even hammed it up for the photos each time!  This photo is the first time I made it through with my eyes open!  Yay for hitting 30 and overcoming my fear (of fake dinosaurs)!

After that we got in the fairly short line for Primeval Whirl:

As short as it was, it wasn't short enough. Lots of awkward memories took place in this queue.  For starters, there was a child behind us in line.  He was maybe 6 years old and riding alone.  I don't know if I smiled at him or just looked friendly, but he stuck to me like glue... uncomfortably close to my rear end glue. Then a cuddling couple noticed my birthday button, so the woman quietly and very slowly sang "happy birthday to you..." We thought she'd stop there, but her boyfriend joined in, and while making eye contact with us, they sang the entire song to me. However she'd started off so slowly, that it was more like a funeral dirge: quiet, somber, slow, and creepy. By the end of it LaRae and I were smiling awkwardly, and we all avoided eye contact after that.  Note to my readers: singing a song to a person in a queue with you is fun when it's not a dirge and when you don't have to stand by them for 15 more minutes! LOL!

Tried to be brave and hold my iPhone for a pic.
Chickened out before I got a good shot!

Remember how I said in the last post that the park was emptying out as we entered?  Well it only got emptier as the night went on!  I guess most guests were making their way to fireworks shows and evening parades.  I find that the Animal Kingdom paths are darker and more windy than those in other parks.  As LaRae and I made our way to Expedition Everest, we were fairly alone until a bunny jumped into our path. Poor thing couldn't get away and hopped along in front of us for quite a while before it could find a way off the path!  We seriously thought we were about to witness the wee bunny have a heart attack and die. Thank goodness he made his was around us.

The queue for Expedition Everest was also nonexistent, so we rode 2 or 3 times! This is another attraction that's totally different and more amazing at night. As your car climbs the mountain you gain a great view of the park and surrounding areas.  Then the lights flashing by as you fly through the ride add another level of excitement! Knowing the Yeti is coming when it's so dark makes him a bit more ominous too!

After our evening of thrills, we went back to Pop Century to relax and sleep.  The next day we wanted to get to Disney's Hollywood Studios early!  Now that you've read about my Magical Moments in Animal Kingdom, what Magical Moments would be on your list for this park?

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