Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Magical Moment #11: Delight in a Birthday Cake Pop

While we were in Downtown Disney, LaRae and I visited Goofy's Candy Co. We love the caramel apples and other treats there. Did you know you can get a custom made Rice Krispy Treat (in mouse ears form) or caramel apple? With tons of toppings to choose from, the sky is the limit! LaRae ordered a custom caramel apple. As we were waiting, I commented on the colorful Mickey cake pops in the case.  The sugar on them sparkled in the lights of the case, and the colors were vibrant! Even though I was still full from our lunch at Kona Cafe and dinner at Sandwich of Earl, I really wanted to snack on one of those pops!

This photo doesn't do these babies justice!

Next thing I knew, LaRae was handing me a pink cake pop all my own! What a sweet sister to get me my own personal birthday cake on a stick!  We carefully placed our treats in a bag to eat when we were a bit less full.  (If you're going to do this, be sure to take into account the heat. Carrying around a chocolate treat can get super messy super quickly in the Florida heat!)

LaRae and Randy Disney-mooned at Walt Disney World back in 1998.  Let me tell you, the stories they tell of the dining plan alone show how much things have changed in 15 years!  They stayed at the Wilderness Lodge for their honeymoon.  You can't go directly from Downtown Disney to a park, so we took a boat to Wilderness Lodge for LaRae to get a t-shirt for Randy.  When they came back from their honeymoon in 1998, I didn't understand what was so great about the Wilderness Lodge.  I mean, wasn't it just a glorified giant log cabin??  Then I ate breakfast there one morning a few years ago and realized it was absolutely so much more than a log cabin! It's gorgeous! It's breathtaking!  It's a place I want to stay!

After looking around a bit and finding a t-shirt, we went to the docks to take a quick boat ride to Magic Kingdom.  The cake pop was making my mouth water, so I decided to dig in while waiting!

Magical Moment #11: Can you believe how HUGE this thing is!?

This chocolate cake pop was rich to say the least. The ears are actually marshmallows which balance out the cake nicely.  The chocolate coating is white chocolate. I'd call that a great choice since it allows the brightness of the sanding sugar to shine.  All in all, I love this treat, but it could easily be shared.  Quick tip: don't do what I did - make sure you have a drink with you when you eat this! I was thankful for the water fountain on the dock!

Magical Moment #12 will happen in the Magic Kingdom! This evening the Extra Magic Hours were until 3 or 4 AM (something crazy late), and we decided our goal was to shut down the park! Can we do it? Come back Friday to see!

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