Friday, November 29, 2013

Magical Moment #13: Grab a Glass of Sparkling Wine at the Flower & Garden Festival

We didn't have to go far to make it to Magical Moment #13.  The EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival had much more than breathtaking topiaries and fragrant blossoms.  It also boasted a number of food booths throughout the park.  Before our trip I researched the menus for each of the booths.  I really wanted to try some new adult beverages on our kid-free trip.  The Taste of Marrakesh booth in Morocco had a sparkling wine that caught my eye.  It was called the Desert Rose and had a touch of pomegranate liqueur in it.

Behold the beauty of Morocco!

As we approached my much-anticipated booth, I noticed the lines for other food booths were quite long.  I was counting on a long line at all of the booths.  Silly me... while I was eager for the Desert Rose, no one else was really eager for the other Moroccan treats, so the line was nonexistent.  The cast members seemed over-joyed to have someone visit them!

This sparkling wine was sweet, bubbly, and gave me a quick happy buzz.  One glass of wine and I start talking about feeling it "in my toes." (I promise that's a real thing... does no one else feel it in their toes?? I can't be the only one!)  Sipping a glass of wine while cruising through the World Showcase is the life!

Magical Moment #13: Desert Rose
Next week we'll get closer to being halfway through with the Magical Moments.  What have we missed that you would have done?

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