Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Magical Moment #12: Prank Call Someone on the England Phone Booths!

A new day brought a new feeling of freshness and eagerness to make the most of our magical days!  Thankful that the mystery sickness had passed, we got up and caught the bus to Epcot.  At this point not everyone had Magic Bands, but all Keys to the World cards had the RFID chips in them. That meant we didn't have to stand in the line to feed our tickets through the readers. The best part about this is that most guests didn't realize this, so we almost always walked right up to the new ticket readers and got in the parks quickly!

Just Tap, wait for the green mouse ears to light up...
...put your finger on the scanner, wait for the green light, and you're in!

On the way into Epcot, LaRae took our tickets to get FastPasses for Test Track while I went to Guest Services.  Did you know that you can get a Disney VISA Rewards card at Guest Services in any of the parks?  I snagged a card and called VISA to ask for my Disney Reward Dollars to be placed on the card.  While on the phone, the cast member asked if I was at Disney right then since she saw some Florida purchases on my card.  She kindly placed a notice on my card that I was out of town, added my reward dollars to my new card for immediate use, and wished me a "magical day" as I strolled to Journey Into Your Imagination to meet LaRae.  She wasn't there yet, so I took some photos:

The day was slightly overcast. I was so proud of this
photo though! Love me some Monorail!

Selfie time! Yes, I was wearing a birthday tiara.
Small and tasteful of course!

Our imagination stimulated, we took a leisurely stroll through the World Showcase.  When we're at Walt Disney World with our family, we tend to rush through the World Showcase because at that point the kids are tired or bored or hungry.  Not a problem, but we both love the WS, so some time to really enjoy it and look around was a welcome change.

Before the trip we found the phone numbers for the phone booths in England.  The plan for this Magical Moment was for me to wait until someone entered one of the booths to take a photo and then call the booth.  Sadly, the phone numbers we had which worked in November had stopped working by March.  We still said it counted as a Magical Moment because I tried.  (Gold star for trying!)

My sister made my shirt for me.  It says "Birthday Princess"
on it, and it's mouse ears with a tiara. It's one of my favorite shirts!

France is one of the best stops in the World Showcase in my humble opinion.  I mean, just look at this Flower and Garden Festival topiary!

Another first, or maybe first in a long time, for LaRae was watching the movie in France.  If you haven't stopped to see it, I recommend it.  The scenes are delightful showing various areas of France, and the narrator's voice is peaceful and honestly, pretty sexy. Ooh la la! I couldn't resist taking this pic when I noticed the gargoyle as we waited to go in to the movie!

Magical Moment #13 will post on Friday.  We'll be continuing around the World Showcase!

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