Sunday, July 02, 2006

Just An Old Sweet Song

Here I my old bedroom (that was LaRae and I's through so many switched rooms I can't count them all!), with some of my old junk around, where my old bedspread is even still on the bed. It's weird to be back home, but I like it this time. Yeah, "this time" as in "much more than I typically do."

We just got back from Florida. I am a bad traveler. I just don't like to ride. I got to the airport in good ole' ATL, and from there we drove the 5 hours to the farm. Along the way Dad stopped for me to get some fireworks to set off for Nana. Of course he knew good and well that I would maybe set off one, run away ducking, and be too afraid to light anymore, so he would be the one to set them all off, but he stopped anyways. I think he secretly likes to set them off. :-) Time at the farm was nice, but I was beginning to hit major withdrawl from the lack of internet. Thankfully I'm back now where my parents have DSL.

Not much else is going on. I enjoyed time with Nana, and I got to see some of my cousins and my Aunt Gerry. We've got some big plans for while I'm here. I'm going to a surprise bday for a friend's mom and the new Atlanta aquarium. There are a couple of restaurants special to here that we'll visit, but I'm looking forward to more real home cooking. Mom has tomorrow and Tuesday off, and we may go see a movie and clean the closets. (Yuck on the latter!) Tuesday afternoon I'm going to go rent some movies for while she's at work the rest of the week.

I'll keep ya'll posted. Let me know if I missed anything at church. I really missed worshiping with ya'll today.

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