Thursday, January 04, 2007

Busy Beyond Belief

Here's another picture for your viewing pleasure since the text today wasn't that rich. It's the TIKI cake I did lst year. It followed the "cake of shame" that if you didn't get to see it as you ate it...GOOD! It totally fell apart when I tried to ice it. (And filling in the cracks in the cake with icing only made it worse. Who woulda thunk it?) I ended up baking this cake at 2 am after a 1 am trip to WalMart for new supplies, and I took a 4 hour nap and got back up to decorate it. Thankfully this was before I had Sprinkles, so he wasn't running around further destroying my nerves that night. My poor mother got a call around midnight and all she could hear at first was someone crying and saying, "it fell apart!" I think that whole coversation with her was with me speaking in a voice that sounded like Minnie Mouse. Definitely my worst baking moment ever. :-) Didn't the cake end up cute though?

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