Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"...and I think we need to wear jeans..."

That was the end of an email I just got from my principal. It ended with "and I think we need to wear jeans Thursday and Friday." I thought that was a funny way of saying we could wear jeans, but that news couldn't be more welcome right now. Currently I am out of dress pants, and I'm slightly sick, so now I don't have to worry about laundry tonight. Yea!

Yes, I'm sick. My poor nose is raw and dry on the tip from all the tissue usage. I think it's spring allergies, and I really shouldn't complain because my allergy season is much shorter in Dallas than in was in Woodstock and Searcy. Used to be that the doctor would ask me about my allergies, and I'd say, "well, they're seasonal allergies." He'd ask, "what season?" to which I would reply, "um...all of them!" No joke. Anyways, yesterday I kept getting sicker and sicker to the point where I was exhausted from all the sneezing and nose-blowing, so last night (after a 2 hour training!) I went home and took a benedryl. Usually one of those suckers knocks me out, but last night it was a no go. Apparently my allergies were not going to budge for one tiny pink pill, so 3 hours later I took 2 more benedryl. That did the trick! I woke up this morning before my alarm went off to discover the dog sleeping across my calves and me in the same position I passed out in last night (thankfully in my bed). Sigh. I feel a lot better, and I'm thinking after the aggresive benedryl treatment, the tiny 24-hour allergy pill I took this morning might help. Ever wonder why allergy pills are so small? I sat there looking at those pills last night thinking, wow, my allergies are waaaaaay too much for this tiny pill to handle! I mean seriously how is there enough medicine for this demon inside me in that tiny thing?! We'll see if I make it through today. Thankfully 4th period is testing, so I can relax then.

Yeah, did you catch the 2 hour training thing? Interview training so I can work the job fair. Basically it was how to score candidates, and what not to ask. Basically if Janell walked into an interview right now, I could not ask her about her due date or acknowledge that she's pregnant. Silly, eh? Even if she said, "yeah, I'm having twins soon!" I could only smile and nod...

Spring Break ended really well even though I thought it was too short. Katelyn's birthday party was at the Wiggly Play Center on Saturday morning and then I babysat her Saturday night which was really fun. I had her booster seat in my car so we could go to dinner at ChickfilA, and she kept saying, "Ride in Aunt Joanna's BLACK car!" over and over. We watched Cars together too, and then I put her on my back piggy back style to take the dog out before bathtime (she had no shoes on), and since Sprinkles took his own sweet time, she ended up falling asleep laying her sweet little head on my back.

Sunday evening we went to Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes which was amazing! Turns out the $15 tickets I bought for us were in the Platinum level at the American Airlines Arena, so the seats were nice -- far enough away but not too far, and we were in the front row of that level. Needless to say Katelyn sat in my lap most of the time. She started crying at the beginning (I think she was overwhelmed), and then after the intermission there was a Sleeping Beauty part with Millificent and a huge, scary dragon that she sat through until after the dragon was gone when she literally screamed, "KATELYN'S CRYING!!!" and started wailing! I was able to calm her (Thankfully) and we enjoyed the rest of the show. From the time the show started until right at the end (when she finally waved to Tinkerbell and and the princesses, said yea! and clapped, and then waved and called "bye!") she didn't say a word except "yes" or "no" about going potty and food and to let me know she was crying... I think she just needed to take it all in and have time to process because after the show, she talked a ton, and when we got to the car she told LaRae and Randy, "I had such a great time!" and proceeded to tell them all about the show! Here's a picture of her at the show (keep in my mind no pictures are allowed during the show -- but here's a link to someone's pictures who didn't obey that rule):
We really did have a good time! Who knew that Prince Eric and Ariel could ice skate as a pair so well? Who knew that Sleeping Beauty's Prince Phillip was such an amazing ice skater as well?

Oh yeah, after the fear of the shaving of Sprinkles, here's a few pictures of his new hairdo. He looks so cute with his fur short (tail and ears are still full length), and he looks more like a puppy again. He seems to really like it too -- he's quick frisky and not panting all the time now -- and I think I might keep him like this.

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