Thursday, March 08, 2007

Get Well Soon

**Disclaimer: Yes, for 3 paragraphs I'm going to tell you about Sprinkles being sick and about my week. Yes, I know some of you just don't care. Frankly I don't care either, but for those of you who only read my blog for things said about TV shows, there's a random fact about Heroes in the last paragraph. Skip if you need to.**

This morning's events have sort of summed up my week. I had to drop Sprinkles off at the vet this morning. Sigh. Basically he's having the opposite problem from what he had a month or so ago. He'll only potty about once a day, and in doggieland, that's not a good thing, so this morning I called to see if it might be a result of the "low residue" food he eats, and they said to bring him in. His energy is still really high, and he ate well this morning, so I'm going to rationalize that he's going to be ok. I just can't concentrate this morning bc I want to know what's wrong with him. Please pray it's something easy to fix (like adding something to his diet) rather that something that is an emergency and needs surgery or something crazy. I just want my baby to be healthy and happy! Is that too much to ask? He's not even a year old -- I think this is still getting his diet right is all. If they haven't called by lunch time, I'm calling them. (Oh yeah, Randy's sick with the flu. I'm thinking he's not sharing his sick bed with Sprinkles though... get well soon. :-) )

So this week, summed up...yeah. A lot of it is still school stress. Yesterday Marvel killed off Captain America, and before comic readers across the globe could go pick up their weekly comics, all the major news sources as well as spoiled the news for them. On TOP of that, Marvel purposely sent out about half of each order of the Captain America comic that had his death in it to make it sell out and hype it all up. Bottom line, I still haven't been able to read his death scene, and I'm bitter that they killed off an amazing hero.

I'm just in a mood I guess. It just feels like this week more and more is piling up, and I'm having a harder and harder time keeping my mouth shut when I should. I need to get some sleep this weekend and have some time to myself where no one needs anything or wants anything from me. I want do stuff that pleases me instead of others. I want to be selfish and self-absorbed for a bit. I know some of you are thinking, that's nothing new, you're always selfish and self-absorbed, Joanna! Well I mean I want to be that way 10 fold. I'm keeping to myself for the rest of the week and the weekend and concentrating on helping Sprinkles get better. Oh yeah, and I'm concentrating on making a cake, helping some friends out, working on a movie after early release on Friday with a student organization, and ..... yeah. I need Spring Break NOW! Why can't we have Spring Break right after midterms this week and have it with everyone else?

OK, I'm done with my pity party and my rant. I have nothing of interest to say. Yes, Lost came on last night, and while it was interesting and all I fear it's losing viewers (ratings are taking a hit) due to the ill-adviced early hiatus mid-season among other things. If they drop this show before the whole dang thing is resolved I'm going to have to rant some more. I liked last night's episode. I just want it all to move a little faster -- same with Heroes -- I'm getting tired of waiting for action. Speaking of Heroes I do have one interesting tidbit for you that I found online yesterday. The seasons are called "volumes." The creator (or someone big, I dunno) said this means each season is a new story, new thing to save. He said that means a lot of heroes can die off, and some we might not see again after this story each season leaves the possibility for a new set of heroes each season. I'm sort of attached to the set we have now, thanks. Can we call them "volumes" and have a new story each season (please don't make them work to "save the cheerleader, save the world" for a zillion episodes) but keep our heroes we've all grown to love?

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  1. Do you dislike it when they switch out Xmen from one story arc to another?

    And I thought Lost was really good. It turns out it was some crazy russian guy, not Nick Fury. Who knew? And when Sawyer asked that new girl who she was, I thought that was great. Second greatest thing Sawyer has ever said.