Friday, March 16, 2007

Rubber Ducky...You're the One!

Here's some pictures of my most recent cake. I made this one for Larissa's baby shower. Thankfully I didn't drop this one on the way out the door like I did Julie's a few weeks ago! (Not my proudest moment!!!) For those who want to drool a bit, this cake was made from scratch pound cake with white icing. (Oh yes, the good ole' cream cheese pound cake recipe with both vanilla and almond extracts!) Everyone said it tasted really well. It's one of my favorite types of cake. I don't get to bake from scratch very often... Cross your fingers: the duck on LaRae's shower cake should be sitting up as if he is floating on the base cake. My favorite part on this cake is the soap bubbles. :-)

SPRING BREAK IS HERE! Ok in 20 minutes Spring Break will really be here. I am sooooo excited! This weekend I'm going to get well rested, so I can enjoy my break -- or maybe I'll just sleep in everyday. :-) Tuesday morning at 7 am sharp I'm taking Sprinkles to be shaved. I know, I know, he's beautiful in full coat, but he's shedding a lot and getting matted, and he's getting overheated easily, so I think we'll all be happier with him shaved. I"m going to be one of those dog owners who cried when her dog gets shaved. He's going to look really different. I'll post pictures of my little mop after he's been scalped.

So far I don't really have plans. I am thinking about taking a day trip to Dublin, TX to go to the Dr. Pepper factory out there. Amanda and I are suppossed to be making plans, and Julie and I are going to have a lunch playdate with our dogs one day. I think Fletch might not be so freaked out by Sprinkles if he's not so fluffy. We'll see how that goes! Other than that I'm not too sure what else I'll do.

Next weekend is going to be really busy. Katelyn's having her bday party early at the Wiggly Play Center Saturday morning, and then in the evening I'm going to watch her so LaRae and Randy can go to the dinner thing at the church. I not going -- looks like it's more for couples than singles. It's ok -- it's a nice money raising idea for the youth. Then Sunday evening I'm taking Katelyn out for her birthday present from me. We're going to see Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes! No, we don't have very good seats, but we do get to go. It's at the American Airlines Arena. I have read that it's a really good show, and I'm always up for some Disney entertainment. Yea! Only show I'd be more interested in taking her to is to see the Doodlebops, but she's not really into them anymore.

Well I better pack up my computer and get ready to leave. 10 more minutes....10 more minutes...10 more minutes!


  1. Loved the cake!

    I'm taking my 7-year-old niece to Princess on Ice also. I took her a few years ago when it was here (she was Kaitlyn's age) and she loved it.

    FYI: Wade drives through Dublin a lot for work and has been known to take requests for Dublin Dr. Peppper.

  2. You need to check out my blog for a Frank Warren announcement. You got me hooked on him!!!!

  3. Jo~
    Glad to have your blog now. As long as I am not with children (hopefully not too much longer), I will check it and comment. Yes, I am in a real pickle right now but holding on tight. I have missed hearing about you and am glad to have this blog. Email me!!!!

  4. At Food King in Searcy, they've been making these little cakes with icing that makes them look like small white dogs--very similar to your dog!

    You're quite the cake decorator.

  5. Thanks, Mark and Kelly! I really enjoyed making these cakes. :-)