Monday, March 12, 2007

Still Laughing

I'm still laughing out loud about this picture. Last night LaRae and Randy let me come over to play with Katelyn, and Randy suggested that I bring Sprinkles, so Katelyn could play with him. This picture really sums up how fun our night was. I asked LaRae to take a picture, so I could sent one to Mom for her to see my hair, and this is what we got. Katelyn is still quite hyper and happy in this picture and is in the middle of saying "CHEESE!" Sprinkles is trying to get down and apparently at this moment in time decided "go limp" was the way to go, so he really looks like a little rag-dog draped over my arm. Looking at him in all his long-haired, full coat, Shih-Tzu glory makes me want to be selfish and not shave him for the summer -- it's gonna be too hot for that coat. Isn't he pretty? :-) Seriously... I'm still laughing about this picture right now. The little screen on my camera didn't do it justice.

It's funny. This afternoon was really stressful (new group of TAKS Math kids), and I was about to pack up and go home, but I decided to email Mom real quick, so I opened my pictures and found this one, and now (I know run on sentence here!) instead of going home all mopey and stressed, I've had a good laugh and am leaving with a smile on my face. :-) One picture brought back the memory of how fun last night was and put me in a better attitude. One picture. Makes me think -- 20 school days until the TAKS test...I need 20 fun pictures to cheer me up and help me de-stress. :-)

Speaking of de-stressing...I need some fun (but relaxing) ideas for Spring Break. I wish it would be warm enough to swim, but I'm thinking it won't. I already know I'm going to try to hit the dollar theatre; I'm going to sleep in; I'm going to take long walks with the dog and get in some dog park games of fetch in...but I need some grand idea of something fun to do. Any ideas?

I better go. Last doggie class is tonight (the song Thank Goodness from Wicked is running through my head right now!). I can't wait to be done -- he's learned a lot, but it's a real stress to have to keep going to these classes. I have a lot of thoughts about David's sermon yesterday to share, but I'll save that for another time. Yesterday as I was walking the dog I was thinking a lot about the sermon and some other existential crisis type stuff I go through every few months...of course then the dog walked right into the tail pipe of a car, so I was forced back into thinking about walking...yes, Sprinkles is just as coordinated as him mommy. :-D

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  1. Suggestion for Spring Break activity - fly a kite! It is great fun, and if the large Raider-like dog we saw at the Dunes yeseterday is any indication, Sprinkles will enjoy it, too!