Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thanksgiving at Disney: A Trip Report - Day 8 - Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas Parade

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade is one of my favorite parades. The music is repetitive enough that you quickly learn it enough to sing along but awesome enough that you don't get annoyed by it. I'm singing it in my head right now. Want to hear it yourself? Click here to enjoy it! It will be stuck in your head until Christmas... you're welcome. ;-)

We sat on the ground at our favorite parade watching spot: outside of the Hall of Presidents (closed during MVMCP) across from Liberty Tree Tavern. Sit right along the rope for a great view. This afforded us one of my all time favorite surprise views: we were across from the two cast members who were signing the entire parade using American Sign Language! It was a male and female duo who traded off singing along and signing sometimes signing together. They were signing so joyfully it was as if they were dancing! I kept getting distracted watching them. 

Instead of a bunch of text, I'm just going to share a ton of photos with captions. Enjoy the parade!  I recommend you click the link above, let it play in another window, and scroll through the parade. 

Directly across from our waiting spot
Two signing Cast Members
This is my favorite parade photo. Beast is so unimpressed by this parade. ;-)
The parade finishes with Santa, and you can hear the kids calling
to him all down the street as he approaches!

Next post will be on Friday. I'll share exactly what it's like to close down the park on a party night. You won't believe how much we got to do after the parade!

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