Monday, September 16, 2013

Thanksgiving at Disney: A Trip Report - Day 8 - Empty Dumbo Queue?

Who'd of thought it could happen?

In Friday's post I mentioned that the Dumbo queue was completely empty when we visited the attraction close to park closing during MVMCP. The cast members told us we could go on through to ride the ride, but Katelyn and Joshua wanted to play in the play area. Normally guests are given a buzzer type thing that tells them when it's their turn to ride. The kids can play while the adults hang out. We were lucky enough to let the kids play as long as they wanted. I was happy to get to take lots of photos without worrying about looking like a creeper taking photos of other people's kids!

Empty Dumbos?? 
There's an area just for ages 2-3. It's a bit protected from the chaos that I'm sure must reign a bit in the rest of the room. There are benches for parents to sit on circling this area.

Other areas are for ages 4-8. They feature plenty of places to climb and slide!
Dumbo flies above the playing children.

Outside the ride has gotten a bit of an update with 2 Dumbo machines and water features.  (Was there water before and I missed it??)

In the past I would avoid Dumbo like the plague when the kids wanted to ride. Sometimes I would ride with them but typically I would use that time to go ride something alone. The new queue along with the 2 sides to ride makes the queue not so miserable for adults. No more just standing in a hot, crowded queue. Instead you can watch the kids play and wait in the cool shaded tent. Overall this was a smart choice from Disney Imagineering. I'd like to see it fully in action someday to see how it all works, but it was a treat for the family to get to experience it alone on this trip!

The rest of this week we'll finish out the series with a couple of "Is it Worth it?" posts exploring the price of MVMCP and the PhotoPass CD.  See you Wednesday and Friday!

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