Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wonderfully Busy Weekend

This weekend was wonderful! It really all started on my birthday (big 2-4!) on Thursday. I had dinner with LaRae, Randy, and Katelyn at their home. I got to open some great presents that night (a Mavs jersey, 2 willow tree figures, and doggie stairs for Sprinkles to climb into my bed), and I got to have a fun evening with my family. :-) Not so busy, but really nice and simple.

Friday after school I played with Sprinkles, and then I decided to take my laptop to the White House (the rec place in my complex) to use the free WiFi. I really only planned to be there an hour or so, but I got on CofCsingles and went to the chat room and ended up private messaging with a couple of guys for two and a half hours! Both were really sweet -- one I'm interested in as a friend, but the other could be a possibility. Either way, I'm not heartbroken if nothing happens because it was a nice conversation with a lovely man with a sense of humor.

Saturday was a celebration of me! :-) Thankfully my sister knows I really do like a hoopla for my bday, so she got some people together for dinner to celebrate with me. First though, I got to go to Frisco quite a few hours early to shop with Julie. We went to Sam Moon (I got purses and such), the Christian Book Store (where she got me a new Willow Tree figure for my bday -- my collection is getting rather large!), and then to lunch at IKEA. Yes, lunch at IKEA is really good! Then she had to go to a family thing, so I just stayed in Frisco and looked at shops. I got some junk at IKEA and then went to Glamour Dog. I ended up buying a Shih-Tzu keychain, and I really wanted to get a cute shirt for Sprinkles, but they were like $30! $30 for a dog shirt!? No way -- my dog doesn't really need doggie couture! :-D Anyways, I ended up in Barnes and Noble for a couple of hours having throw-back-to-my-college-happiness-at-Hastings time reading trade paper backs and some Post Secret books.

Finally it was time for everyone to come to Dave and Buster's, and we ended up having a really good group of people! I want to actually do a shout out here and say thanks to LaRae, Randy, Alan, Rachel, Paul, Jennifer, and Mario for coming. It really wouldn't have been as great as it was if any of you were missing! I also really appreciated the generous gifts you all gave me -- even if you hadn't brought gifts and we had just had our fun meal together, that would have been greatness! I love having meals with my friends where we get to truly enjoy each other and share big laughs (you know the ones -- laughs so loud people turn around and look at you)! Thank you for making this birthday special for me. You all helped make a memory I won't ever forget!

I got home last night and realized that even though birthdays are usually hard for me being single I actually didn't care this year. In fact after recent events, I'm feeling more and more ok that I'm single. I pray God will send me someone, but if not, for now, I'm ok. Maybe that peace is a birthdau gift from Him...or maybe my recent dates have been His way of helping me be ok with the whole single thing. Or maybe there's someone out there I just need to wait for -- I dunno, but I'm ok. :-) Eyes are still open though! ha ha ha!

Well I've just finally jumped into the 21st century and downloaded iTunes and learned how to use it. My new iPod Shuffle (thanks sooooo much guys! It rocks!) now has about 100 songs on it (I'm starting small.) and is charging on the side of my laptop. Something about how easy it all was to make work makes me feel really silly for not having an iPod until now.

I need to go now. Katelyn wants to watch Cars, and I haven't seen it yet, so I'm off to watch it while I wait for my eBay actions to end...Love ya'll! Thank you again to all my friends who made it last night. Words can't really express how happy I was last night. ;-)

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  1. Jennifer and I had a great time as well. I'm glad that it was a special as you deserve.