Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For My Sister

LaRae tagged me. I've never been tagged in cyberspace before, so why not?

First and Last

First Memory: We went to a circus when I was about 3. (My family says all my stories used to start with "when I was about 3...") There was this gorilla in a cage that got loose and started climbing into the audience in the bleachers. The performers were freaking out, and I was scared and sitting in Dad's lap. He kept telling me that gorilla was going to get me! Turns out it was a man in a realistic suit, but I was SOOOO scared!

First Real Kiss: Have I had a "real" kiss? First boyfriend from 8th grade to about end of 9th grade, Travis, and I shared some really innocent pecks on the lips in the band instrument storage room. First "real" one? I guess with a guy my frosh year at collge -- Andrew -- in the field behind Dr. Burks house. It meant nothing and was really a rebellious dare type thing. I still laugh that that! So no, never had a "real" kiss -- any takers? ;-)

First Concert: 8th grade -- Newsboys "Take Me To Your Leader" tour with Michelle Roark and her parents. Plankeye and Third Day openned for them. It was AWESOME! We were in the 3rd row, and I got projected on the to the big screen on stage! Soooo fun!

First Love: I'm gonna go ahead and say I don't think I've been in love before. In like, yes, but not in love. Again, any takers? ;-)

First crush: Brian Bunch. 4th grade. I asked him out and was rejected (thus it started). Where would we have gone? Lol. First obsessive crush was Brent Cate. I loved him...

First thing you think in the morning: No, no, no, Sprinkles! Don't pee on the floor. He wakes me between 6 and 7 am. If I don't jump out of bed when he does, he'll sprinkle my floor.

First book you remember loving: No idea on this one. I was quite fond of Are You My Mother? like my sister.

First pet: Ginger, a cocker spaniel my Nana and Daddyray gave us. I loved her until she bit my friend, Tina, on the mouth. Then I was scared of her until she was sent back to the farm.

First question you'll ask in Heaven: Not sure I'll be asking questions I'll be soo happy to be there!

First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation: skiing

First best friend: Beth Johnson, friends forever K - 3 until she moved

Last time you dressed up: Can't remember. I mildly dress up for church.

Last CD you bought: My Chemical Romance

Last book you read: Lfet Behind

Last time you cried: Church on Sunday when LaRae asked if I was ok. The Left Behind books are freaking me out. My emotions were really getting to me.

Last movie you saw: The Other Sister -- watched it this morning!

Last time you told someone you loved them: Sprinkles -- right before I left to come to the White House to use the internet

Last really funny thing you did: I have no idea. I'm sure some of you could tell me...

Last thing you watched on TV: The Reba McIntyre and Kelly Clarkston concert on CMT

Last Halloween costume: Last on I remember was being a broken china doll. That costume was great!

Last Concert attended: Something lame at HU I'm sure

I tag Mark and Mario. :-)

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