Thursday, June 07, 2007

Summer Shows

While summer is in full swing, and the concept of waking when I please is quite alluring one thing has bummed me out: the lack of good summer tv shows. Yes, I know summer is the time for reruns, and for those of us who tape our shows (or those who are fortunate enough to get to TiVo them) and watch them religiously each week, this flat out sucks! Some of you love this because it gives you time to catch up; although, I'm noticing networks running less and less reruns lately. Tonight I put my tape in the VCR to check what's been recording since my shows have ended, and I haven't stopped the VCR from recording. I was pleasantly surprised.

First off, I did have 2 shows to watch this summer. Hell's Kitchen with Chef Gordon Ramsey began on Monday. 3rd season, and it's still a great show so far. As the chef wanna be's were about to start their first dinner service, Gordon asked them if they were ready and ok. One man actually started to cry. Ha! I'm still laughing about that one. I'm also watching Grey's Anatomy on Lifetime since I didn't start watching it until last season. Go figure people were right about that one -- it really is a great show! OK, so one reality show and one set of reruns later, and my evenings are dull. (Unless you count me picking up random episodes of MTV's Inferno 3, which I actually do usually try to catch, and Charm School. The latter of the two my 4th period loved that I knew about it and could talk about it with them!)

Ah yes, back to my trusty old VCR. It didn't let me down. In fact it's sort of like that TiVo feature that you can set to predict what you'll like based on what you set to record and record it for you. It recorded Lifetime's new series Army Wives (poo on Lifetime for not warning me they were changing the Grey's time!) and the second episode of ABC's Traveler. Yes, Army Wives is a girl show, so I don't recommend it to half of you, but it has the potential to be funny and dramatic at the same time. Of course this comes from the girl who loved Strong Medicine and 1800Missing, so do you trust my judgement on Lifetime shows? :-) Traveler though looks really good. It doesn't recreate the "hit" wheel in that it starts with a mystery that the show is based around solving using flash backs and present time sequences. I went online to ABC's website, and they have this thing where you can watch full episodes for free (ok, you all knew that...I'm a dork and never pay attention to that stuff!), and I was able to watch the first episode and the one from Wednesday as well with about 1.5-2 minutes total of commercials. If I could trust this internet connection, I'd only watch it that way! Anyways, if you've missed it, go to the website and watch what you've missed. It's not too late to catch up, and I'm thinking this is going to be one of those shows people are talking about.

Finally something to post, eh? Oh yeah, just a tidbit of info about today: LaRae and I took the kids to the Galleria to meet Randy for lunch, and when we got back to the van, LaRae hit the button to open Katelyn's door for her, and it was shutting when I walked around the van. Apparently we missed closing it, and it was open the whole time we were in the mall. Nothing appeared to be missing, so weird, but no big, right? Wrong. This evening I get a call from LaRae asking if I brought her Container Store bag in for her. I'm a brat, so I hadn't. Turns out it's not in the van or the house. Looks like someone saw the open door and the bag sitting literally just inside the door and decided they needed whatever it was in the bag. How sick is that? First off, ew, makes you feel sort of icky that someone looked in the van and had their hands in it while we weren't in there. Second, we were in the mall for about 2 hours; lots of cars around us moved. Surely someone saw the open door. Was no one BRAVE enough to be a good Samaritan and close it for us? I was talking to Julie today, and she said, "yeah, I've closed trunks and such before..." OK, I'd have done it with my shirt tail or something, so there was no way my finger prints were there...

AND, when we were waiting to get on the elevator, these women and kids got out of one of the elevators saying they had been stuck in that particular elevator for 1o minutes. They had used the phone and called; the people said someone was coming; 10 minutes later they got out by prying the doors open from the inside. No one ever showed while we were around the elevators. Frustrating and scary! I've been trapped in an elevator (funny story, ask me about it...), and it's not cool when they don't answer that phone or don't come. If you're ever trapped, by all means, try the phone, but your best bet is to go ahead and Hulk out and open the doors yourself.

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