Monday, June 18, 2007

I Don't Want to Update...

...because it will shove the post with all the cute Sprinkles pictures down! Also I'm out of fun pictures to post. My camera battery died, so I'm unable to take anymore pictures right now. Maybe tomorrow I'll go to WalMart and fix that issue. The other day when Sprinkles jumped in the bathtub (when I was out, but it wasn't done draining), he looked so funny, so I ran to grab my camera....waaaaaaah! Batteries "fell out", as Katelyn would say. (Apparently, the batteries "ran out" means that to her. :-) )

Updates updates updates. While I don't have a myspace, I do have a blog -- have had one for a long time now. In fact I've been through 3 different sites before I've found one (this one) that I like enough to stick around. In all honesty, I've never seen a myspace that looks professional or grown up (no offense...believe me, I make an effort not to look), and the district "strongly urges" that we teachers don't have one. Now with all that said, I've found the next best thing (LaRae and Randy call it "basically myspace): FACEBOOK! I love facebook! I was able to easily find my hs and college friends and get quick updates on them. I can communicate through it and post my updates, and BEST OF ALL (drum roll please!) it's FREE (and we all know free is a very good price)! Yeah, my summer has been sooo productive. I've spent a lot of time messing around on facebook lately.

When it hasn't been raining, I've been swimming. I even have a tan (yes mom, I've been wearing my SPF 1050001.2)! Ok ok it's more like a lot of freckles, and it's more like I'll tell people in the fall that I've been swimming daily and their response will be, "really? but you don't have a tan!" but dang it, it's darker for me! If you could see my arm up against my stomach (I'll spare you the picture), you'd be shocked. I look tan next to to anyone else I look albino. Which brings me to how pale my tummy is -- putting it simply, if you look at it with the naked eye, you'll go blind from the glare! :-D

VBS stuff has died down a little; the initial get it all in the computer is done, so now it's just getting to work. We have our first work night on Thursday (7 pm for those of you who are local -- come help!), and I'm looking forward to it. Since the theme is water park (as opposed to a different country every night like last year), the work nights aren't as tough (or hopefully as many). It's going to be a blast this year!

I got my first library card today. (I always used my mom's when I was in GA.) It's actually an Irving card, which is 2 towns away, but I'm tutoring a kid in an Irving library this summer, so it makes it easy for me to use the card. The library isn't too far away really. I'm going to get a Lewisville one this week when I go up to the school to make some copies. When I was in college I used the HU library quite a bit. I read all the Left Behind books, and while I don't agree with the concept of the Rapture, I did enjoy the Christian fiction aspect of them. They made me search my soul and realize I needed to change a lot bc if Jesus came right then (at that time in my life), I'm not so sure He would have known me. Anyways, recently they did a prequel series of 3 books that lead up to all the people being left behind, so I'm working on reading those. I think I'll reread the rest of the series after that. It's some good writing! Not talking about these books to stir up I said, I read them as FICTION.

Well LaRae and Katelyn will be here to swim in about an hour, and I've got a bit to do before then. Sprinkles is wanting to play I think. The other day he was literally wandering around the apartment bored. It was like watching a little kid who says, "there's nothing to do" when there are toys scattered everywhere. I took that as my cue to turn off the tv and get on the floor and play. :-) Right now he's giving me the same body language as the other day... love ya'll!

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