Friday, June 01, 2007

A Woman's Right to Shoes

Ya know, a few things here and then a short post -- I never thought I'd be one of those people who stopped updating, and I'm really not that person, so I'm going to try to update more often now that it's summer, and my life is becoming increasingly more fun as I get to do things not school related. :-) (Was that a run on??) Also, I haven't posted complaining about being single for a while -- granted what I'm about to post by no means is meant as a complaint, but I've always loved this dialogue from Sex and the City. It's always made me laugh, and it's also a good point, so I thought I'd share it. Oh yeah, there's an update on me at the bottom of this post...if you really could care less about my quote; although, it's really funny. :-)

The episode's title is the title of my post today. Let me set it up. Carrie goes to a baby shower for her friends, Kyra and Chuck. Upon arriving to their ritzy home, Kyra requests they remove their shoes. (I think people who do this are insane by the way!) Carrie reluctantly adds her $485 Manolos in the pile (hello! they made the outfit!) only to discover them missing when she goes to leave. Kyra gives her a nasty pair of sneakers to go home in, acts completely unconcerned, and somehow makes Carrie feel super bad. When Carrie takes the sneakers back, Kyra realizes she's being a punk and offers to pay for Carrie's shoes. When Carrie told her they were new and $485, Kyra offers her $200 and callously says something about Carrie not having a "real life" (since she doesn't have kids or a husband) and that they shouldn't have to "support [Carrie's] extravagant lifestyle!" WHAT?! (I have a real life without all that!) Anyways, Carrie decides to register for the Manolo's in the end and leave a message telling Kyra she's decided to get married (to herself) and tells her where she's registered. Kyra buys the shoes (and has to pay tax) and sends them to Carrie.

When Carrie calls Kyra to smooth things over, Kyra's young daughter gets on the phone and asks, "Santa?" Carrie looks a little surprised, and then has an epiphany that she shares with Charlotte, and that I will now share with you:

Carrie: You know what? I am Santa. I did a little mental addition and over the years I have bought Kyra an engagement gift, a wedding gift, then there was the trip to Maine for the wedding- three baby total I have spent over $2300.00 celebrating her life choices and she is shaming me for spending a lousy $485.00 bucks on myself? Yes, I did the math.

Charlotte: Yes, but those were gifts. And if you got married or had a baby, she would spend the same on you.

Carrie: And if I don't ever get married or have a baby, what? I get bubkiss? Think about it. If you are single, after graduation, there isn't one occasion where people celebrate you.

Charlotte: Oh! We have birthdays!

Carrie: Oh, no no no no- we all have birthdays, that's a wash. I am thinking about the single gal. Hallmark doesn't make a "congratulations you didn't marry the wrong guy" card. And where's the flatware for going on vacation alone?

[Carrie goes on to say she doesn't mind buying the stuff and celebrating with her friends, but...]
"The fact is sometimes it is hard to walk in a single woman's shoes, that's why we need really special ones now and then, to make the walk a little more fun." -Carrie

Anyways, I just love all that. I've seen that episode a few times, and it always makes me smile.

My summer so far in a nutshell: I went to Canton today with LaRae, the kids, and Beri. I took Sprinkles in his front carrier (like a baby bjorn or a bag I wear on my front for him to sit in), and lots of people commented on how super cute he was. Well he is, isn't he? :-) I also have been catching up on sleep which has been absolutely glorious! Maybe now that the rain has stopped (trying so hard not to complain!) I'll get to go swimming. The other day I got to see the third Pirates movie. LOVED IT! It was a lot more like the 1st one, and I laughed a lot. I totally recommend it. Don't wait until the dollar movie--it's worth paying full price now. I went to a textbook training (snore), but it was in the district's technology building, and while I was there an email came through that my interwrite pad was in. (Seriously, check out the link!) This is some really wonderful technology for my classroom especially since it looks like I'll be getting a smart board over the summer too. Granted, only the interwrite is portable enough for me to take home to practice with, but my classroom is going to be great next year! OK it's late, and I'm ready to go to bed (loving the unsecured wi-fi connection I've found in my apartment!). Hope you're all having a good summer! I promise I'll update sooner this time -- of course no one answered the last question I posed, so...

OH YEAH! I do have a question. You know I can see locations of people who visit my site (also where they came from if they click a link to get here). You can see it too if you click on the visitor counter in the black box to the right. Someone keeps visiting me from Louisville, Kentucky. Who are you? :-) I didn't know I knew anyone there -- shoot me an email and let me know who you are. Not being mean, just really curious. Love ya'll!


  1. If I had to guess, I would assume that the Louisville visitor is Kent or Jill.

    Yes, Sprinkles is cute.

    Unsecured Wi-Fi is the greatest!

  2. I am such a dork! I should have guessed that was one of them -- actually LaRae should have guessed that when I was sitting on her couch pondering it aloud... ;-)

  3. I am still in Louisville unfortunately. And I do visit occasionally.

  4. Or the ghost of Seatlle Slew.