Thursday, December 09, 2010

WDW Trip Report - Day 0 - Can I Just Be There Now?

I've never written a trip report, but I thought it would be fun to chronical our trip on my blog. We (my sister, LaRae; my brother-in-law, Randy; my 6 year old niece, Katelyn; my 3 year old nephew, Joshua; and me, Joanna) braved Walt Disney World for Thanksgiving week 2010! We got there the Friday before Thanksgiving and left the Saturday after. This is our trip:

I’m going to call this Day 0 and go ahead and give my travel day a mention. For starters, LaRae, Randy, and the kids’ flight left much earlier in the day than mine, so I got up and drove them to the airport around 6 am! After dropping them off, I ended up spending the time before my flight running errands: getting medication from the acupuncturist, having an adjustment with the chiropractor, buying a camera tripod at Best Buy, buying a better tripod at WalMart along with Post-It Notes to foil the plans of the Toilets of DOOOOOOOM, and cuddling with Sprinkles before I headed to the airport around 1 pm myself.

The whole traveling day I kept wishing I had an earlier flight, but the day was pleasant enough. LaRae checked my baggage with her, so I’d be sure it was at the resort when I got there, so I was lucky enough to travel with just my small carry-on shoulder bag. I had a layover in Atlanta, but it was short. All in all, I spent about 7 hours traveling. The one item that made traveling so much easier: my iPad. I had a HUGE collection of books at my fingertips to read, and I loved traveling without extra baggage.

The closer I got to Walt Disney World, the more I texted LaRae. Randy said her phone went off a lot, but I thought I was being careful to not text too much. When I arrived at the Orlando Airport, I quickly checked in at Disney’s Magical Express and was able to board a bus immediately. Within about 20 minutes of landing, the bus was pulling away and taking me to “The Happiest Place on Earth”!

I asked LaRae to keep the kids up until I got to the resort, so I could give them their custom pillowcases. She did, and they were over the moon about them! Joshua unfolded his and exclaimed, “WOW! I’ve been wanting one of these forever! What is it?” He was still excited when he heard it was a pillow case. ;-)

Our room at the All-Star Music Resort was a family suite. The master bedroom had a queen size bed, TV, chest of drawers, a desk, and door that closed it all in. Outside of that was a small kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator, and past that was a bathroom. The other room (no door leading to it) had a couch, large chair, and ottoman that all unfolded into beds for me and the kids. There was also a TV, chest of drawers, table, and chairs in our room, and we had our own bathroom. Both bathrooms had curtains that closed the sink area outside the toilet/shower area off from the room, so that was really nice. The kids shared the bathroom with their parents, so I had my own private bathroom.

That night I grabbed dinner at the food court and ate a late dinner in LaRae & Randy’s room before I headed to bed. Aside from the bed really needing a new mattress, the room size was perfect for us.

Tomorrow: We head to Hollywood Studios only to find out we're not actually in Walt Disney World (no one was more surprised than we were)!

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