Monday, December 13, 2010

WDW Trip Report - Day 2 - Only Those With Good Attitudes Make It In The Photo!

Finally we were at “Disney World!” The crowds were still fairly low. We *just* missed Rope Drop (the most magical moment at WDW), but we made it to Dumbo with only a 25 minute wait. Joshua was still having a hard time finding his pixie dust, so we joked that in a photo someone took for us that he was cut out (by the railing) because you weren’t allowed in the photo if you had a poor attitude. He was fine after a quick flight with Dumbo though. Katelyn was happy to ride with me even if it meant being stuck with the crazy aunt who maniacally took iPhone pics of the Fantasyland Expansion the whole ride!
Following The Plan we sent Randy for some Fast Passes for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Both kids were tall enough to ride it this year and were willing to try. We went over to try The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The new queue is amazing! It’s interactive and fun. For a ride that tends to get a long wait time early in the day, this switch was genius. The kids had a blast, and we enjoyed watching them. About 20 people passed us in line while the kids played, but we didn’t let their impatience run our enjoyment of the ride. Randy caught up to us, so Katelyn jumped BACK in line to join him. (Notice we didn’t let him line jump in front of all the people in line to be with us… that’s rude.) Joshua was still adamant that he didn’t want to ride with me, but we put him in the Hunny Pot first and I jumped on behind him. Finding me riding with him, he was quite content, and I enjoyed the ride all the more because of it.

While Randy and Katelyn rode Pooh, LaRae, Joshua, and I went over to It’s a Small World. The change in the queue (entrance and exit switched) hurt my head a bit. It just seemed so backwards. Randy was vocal that he didn’t like it as you spent most of your time in line behind the clock and decorations that you used to get to look at while you waited. The interior of the ride was obviously cleaned and re-painted while it was closed for refurbishment. LaRae and I were fairly convinced that they moved some items and changed others. We rode it so many times in 2009 that you’d think we’d know for sure, but we could have easily been wrong.

I’m a little muddled in what else we did this day. I know we rode the Walt Disney World Railroad and the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel. At some point LaRae and I took the kids back to the resort for naptime, and Randy stayed to ride some rides that he knew the kids would not want to ride. I ended up napping hard during that time and was happy I went back to the room.

When LaRae and I returned (rested) with the kids, we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (another ride the kids enjoyed but didn’t want to go on again). We also had Fast Passes for Splash Mountain which LaRae, Katelyn, and I rode with ponchos on. Our photo looked like three colorful sacks of potatoes, but we came off the ride dry! Splash Mountain was a fun first for me. We also enjoyed Mickey’s PhilharMagic. (That's me in ToonTown outside of a Character Spot - thanks to LaRae for spotting this fun place for a photo.) Randy kindly took the kids back to the resort for bed, so LaRae and I could ride some of the rides he rode that afternoon. We did Space Mountain (with Fast Passes of course), rode the Astro Orbiter (first time for both of us), drooled over Captain Jack Sparrow on Pirates of the Caribbean, got some pixie dust to join in on Peter Pan’s Flight, and went through the Haunted Mansion (which I was super brave on this time). It was a lovely night out with just me and my sister that was a highlight of my trip.

On a side note: my camera broke that evening. It started vibrating like a cell phone, but LaRae was kind enough to share her camera with me for the rest of the trip. The photo below is Cinderella Castle from Astro Orbiter with my broken camera. Pretty, right? (No seriously, it's kinda cool...) Also from here on out, I’m not going to mention character meet and greets unless they were particularly memorable. We did have a smattering of meet and greets throughout each day though.


  1. Attention all readers: Get used to seeing the phrase "sent Randy to get Fast Passes."

    Lunch that day was at Tomorrowland's Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe, but where was dinner? I can't remember.

  2. 1 - You were such an awesome Fast Pass runner. :D

    2 - Cosmic Rays was yummy but so crowded. Dinner must have been at MK since we met you back there. Oh, I remember - it was at Casey's. We got hot dogs, and I was able to get cotton candy as my dessert. We watched the Cinderella Castle lighting show from our table, and we had a bunch of ducks that stared at us while we ate!

  3. Did you guys not ride Jungle Cruise that night? Did any of us ride Jungle Cruise this trip?

    Also one part the girls missed was Joshua playing in the little house beneath the train tressel next to Splash Mountain. He was running a circuit in one end of the house, through and out the other end, and back around. He basically ran and laughed and screamed for the entire time you guys were in line for the ride.

  4. No, we didn't ride it. No one did this trip. We had Fast Passes for it on Friday but didn't use them, and I had one for Saturday when I went back, and I didn't use it. Crazy, right?

    Ha! That's hilarious about Joshua! I wish I'd seen that. I also wish we had *all* been able to ride Splash Mountain as I think Josh would have liked it.

  5. I don't think Josh is in to simulated death like you guys.