Thursday, December 23, 2010

WDW Trip Report - Things I’ve Never Done at Walt Disney World (Still)

Before my trip blogged a list of things I’ve never done at Walt Disney World. I crossed a TON of those off of my list, but I still have some things I haven’t done:

Magic Kingdom• Main Street Vehicles (you know the horse drawn cars)
• Stitch's Great Escape (one of the only things on this list I refuse to do)
• Magic Carpets of Aladdin (It's Dumbo on a carpet...)
• Tom Sawyer Island (I saw a ton of this from the Riverboat. I’m good.)

EPCOT• Captain EO (Wasn’t sure I’d make this anyways.)
• Ellen's Energy Adventure (No one else was interested.)
• Lots of shows/movies: O Canada, Reflections of China, and Impressions de France (One day I will go back and spend a day watching all these.)

Disney's Hollywood Studios• Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
• Journey Into Narnia
• Lights, Motors, Action!
• Sounds Dangerous
• Studio Backlot Tour (The kids hated DHS and weren’t into the shows. One day I’ll do these.)

That still looks like a lot, but here’s all the stuff I took off of the list and my impressions of them:

• Astro Orbiter (I rode this twice and loved it both times! The view was great!)
• Liberty Square Riverboat (It was quite peaceful. I’d go again if I needed a rest.)
• Splash Mountain (Ponchos are a must if you don’t want to get wet. I was so worried about the final drop that I missed a lot. Eager to do this again.)
• Hall of Presidents (I’ll wait until they add a new president. It was pretty dull. I enjoyed The American Adventure much more.)
• Tiki Room (This was highly entertaining, a good resting stop, and fun!)
• Swiss Family Treehouse since I hadn't been since HS. (This exhibit needs cleaning and fixing.)
• Test Track (Rode it once and enjoyed it, but it’s not a new favorite for me. I’d ride it again.)
• American Adventure (This made me tear up. America has come a long way in a short time.)
• IllumiNations (Nothing beats Wishes for me, but this was amazing! From this point on I will always make time to see this. I need a better view next time though.)
• Playhouse Disney Show (I’ll go again if the kids want to, but I was a little bored.)
• Voyage of the Little Mermaid Show (Felt fast forwarded. I liked the rain and effects, but I felt like I was constantly getting misted with water and got pretty cold.)
• One Man's Dream (I needed more time in this exhibit. So much cool stuff! If you are a true Disney fan, you need to make time for this to see the history.)
• Fantasmic! (It will be years before the kids are brave enough for this show, but we loved it! I’d go see it again, but I’m not sure I’m willing to wait in a 2 hour line for it.)
• Animal Kingdom – I’m not listing the things I didn’t do yet, but I did a TON here for only a half day in the park. It was fun, and I’d love more time to explore it. I’m not going to say it’s my favorite but it tops Hollywood Studios for me now. I’d like to go back when I’m not as tired and see the shows there.

I can’t believe how much I took off my list and how much is still on it! I can’t wait to go back and finish marking things off my list. I mean, what better reason is there to go to Walt Disney World than to strive for completeness? ;-)

So there you have it: my trip report is complete. Hope you enjoyed reliving the journey with me!


  1. Did you do Astro Orbiter at night?

  2. Sure did! I insisted that the first time I rode it had to be at night based on your recommendation! It was amazing! That was the night my camera died, so I didn't get good pics, but I loved sitting there watching all the lights flash by. The height allowed for such an incredible view too!

  3. Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it! (and sorry for the late comment.)

  4. Lol! No problem - I like all comments... unless they're spam... Those just chap my hide. Not really... bc I'm not really totally sure what that means...