Friday, December 17, 2010

WDW Trip Report - Day 5 - Remember When I Cried Through This?

I have about 5 photos from this day... I know we have a TON from our PhotoPass though, so while I don't have many to post here, there will be a bunch more on Facebook later.

Wednesday was the first day that Mom and Dad joined us in the Parks. We last went as a family to Walt Disney World in 1987. I was 5, and Mickey still wore a rainbow jumpsuit! EPCOT scared me. What part of it? All of it. My father carried me around the Park for most of the trip. I don’t honestly remember much more than crying.

This time there was much less crying (on my part). We started by taking Mom and Dad on The Seas with Nemo and Friends and chatting with Crush in Turtle Talk. We (Randy) gathered Fast Passes for Soarin’, Test Track, and Mission Space during the morning time as well. Katelyn decided to accept a mission from Kim Possible and was entertained with it for a while. Mom and Dad have always had a garden (and both grew up on farms), so Living with the Land was a must do for us. We also journeyed back into our imagination with Figment.

Ducklings in Canada - further proving to me that I want a house with a little pond with ducklings in the backyard

The order of the day gets a bit hazy for me on this day because no one went back for rest time. At some point we headed over to the World Showcase (which LaRae joked that I ate my way through because I tried School Bread, got a baguette and some chocolate crepes, and kept wanting hummus from Morocco). We rode Maelstrom in Norway and the Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico. I got a yummy mango and strawberry margarita in Mexico as well. Then we headed around the Showcase starting in Canada and going counterclockwise (since for some reason we always tend to go the other way). The American Adventure was touching and the Voices of Liberty were amazing!

Voices of Liberty

Mom and Dad loved Soarin’, and Joshua took Dad on Test Track later in the day. I took the kids on Nemo again as Mom, Dad, LaRae, and Randy headed over to Mission Space. When we left the ride, Joshua burst into a rousing chorus from the Nemo ride which we all sang quite robustly while walking through EPCOT hand in hand. As soon as we finished he started singing the chorus from Imagination, and Katelyn and I happily joined in. I didn’t care that people were looking. Most were smiling. I was having a blast with my niece and nephew!

Randy and LaRae on one of the boats

By the end of the night Joshua was fading fast and LaRae and Randy weren’t far behind, so they all headed back to the resort for bed. Mom, Dad, Katelyn, and I stayed and rode Spaceship Earth (this time I got to shape our future) and then ran around to Morocco, grabbed dinner there, and watched IllumiNations from there while we ate. It was a beautiful show that I can’t help but think I missed parts of due to our location. I can’t wait to see it again and am glad I stayed.

We were exhausted by the end of the night but content that we’d seen all that we wanted to see. We let the crowds clear quite a bit before we attempted to leave the Park and since we were coming all the way from the back, that wasn’t hard to do. On the way out we got one last photo in front of Spaceship Earth and were thankful that Animal Kingdom wasn’t an “early” day for us tomorrow.

Tomorrow - I really didn't want to go to Animal Kingdom on this trip (or ever, really). Does the park surprise me and make me fall in love with the 4th and final WDW park, or do I leave feeling like I wasted a day?


  1. Tease! I hope you didn't hate your day at Animal Kingdom (even though I already know the truth).

  2. Yay! You made it over here. :) Gotta tease to keep my readers interested & coming back. ;-)