Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Could Blog Like Me?

A couple of days ago I asked for help with a new title for my blog. I promised to work PhotoShop magic to showcase the new name. *facepalm* Yeah, I decided simple is better. Maybe later I'll make something cuter.

I did, however, totally update the "Blogs I Read" list to include websites I frequent. I removed people who haven't blogged this year unless they're really really good friends or people I'm related to. I also added those nifty little badges so people can find me on Twitter and Facebook. Don't worry, my Facebook is still locked up tight. I haven't found a good gadget to run my Twitter feed down the side of the page though. Anyone have one they can recommend?

Now on to the fun! So many of you came up with awesome & hilariously witty blog titles for me. The big winner was my brother-in-law with "Joanna and her Amazing Technicolor Interwebs"! Here's some of my favorites that had me laughing like crazy!

Some stuck to math:
Math, but now only when I feel like it, chick
Have you seen my Protractor?
But why is all the math gone? (also a Disney reference)
Eight Squared Plus Seventy-Six is Not Enough (this one is really about Twitter too)
Random Comment Generator

A few showed how self-centered a blog really is:
You know I'm right
But enough about you...
If it Was Important Enough for Me to Write About, It's Important Enough for You to Read

One addressed my random topics on the blog:
Soooo... This Happened

Many of my faves centered around Disney:
I came here to write crap & drink Dole Whips. And I'm all outta Dole Whips.
The blog I write when I am not on Twitter or dreaming about Disney World
I heard that sometimes Johnny Depp puts on a costume & it's really him reading this blog.
Marie! More Bloguettes! (Do you know what this refers to?)
Can I get this for a snack credit? And other great questions of life.
I Tink, Therefore I Am
Tomorrowland Internet Authority
International Gateway to Joanna's Thoughts
It's Just a Blog Post (Toy Story 3 reference)

Quite a few were random, geeky, and completely awesome:
Words with Friends & Random Internet Acquaintances
Nobody Puts Bloggy in a Corner
Look I didn't get fired, I just changed the title, okay?
One Blog to Bind Them
Introspective Journal of a Minor Math Deity
All that glitters is not gold. Oh who am I kidding? Of course it is!
Let them read words.
Thought Verification has been enabled. All posts must be approved by blog readers.
Sent from my Rockin' iPad
I Just Gleeked
Mathchick: Legacy (Comic book reference)

All in all, it was more fun to read y'all's new titles than to actually read my blog! Hehe! Thanks for playing! Now that you've named it, any ideas on what I should write about next?

**Edit** When you click on your settings on Twitter, right under where you input your web address for your profile, you can click a link to add Twitter to your site. That's where I got my nifty feed over there. ------> I was able to change the colors and flow from Twitter, and they added it to my blog for me! Proud moment: I used a screenshot of my blog and Photoshop to sample the blog's colors to make my feed all matchy matchy! Grab one for your blog so you can be spiffy like me. ;-)


  1. Cool new look.

    Go look at He has a twitter thing in the corner. Is that what you're talking about?

  2. Thanks! :) It took me an hour or two to get it all right.

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I know I could google a feed gadget, but I lost my drive.

  3. Beauty and the Beast, of course :)

  4. Ding Ding Ding! Jill wins the totally nonexistent but amazingly awesome prize! :D