Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving Up in the World

It is my firm belief that when one goes to Walt Disney World it is a must to stay on Disney property. By staying on-site you stay fully immersed in the Disney World area. You also get *great* perks like free transportation to and from the airport, bus rides to and from the resorts, the Disney Dining Plan, and Extra Magic Hours to name a few. I mean, if you going to do Disney, you’ve got to do it right!

When I went in 1987, we stayed off-property, and I have never done so again. For the band trip in high school in 2000, we stayed at All-Star Music Resort. January 2009, we stayed, again, at All-Star Music. May 2009 was my favorite value resort, Pop Century. November 2010 we stayed in the family suites at, you guessed it, All-Star Music.

This trip Kyle and I quickly agreed that Pop Century was the place to stay. I mean, have you seen the Tie-Dye Cheesecake?

They have fun pools, cute theming, and it’s a value resort (cheap but all the Disney perks).

I thought for sure that would be the easiest choice we made for the trip. Then I got an email with a coveted free dining PIN (which I seem to be a magnet for). We forwarded the PIN code to the travel agent, Pam at Kingdom Konsultants, and she quickly changed our reservation to use the free dining promotion. She also mentioned as an aside that she had priced a moderate resort for us too. (Disney has value, moderate, and deluxe resorts.)

Our ears perked up when she said that! Come to find out for only a little bit more, we could stay at Port Orleans Riverside! The reservation quickly changed!

Want to know the perk of POR that I’m most excited about? Instead of one sink in the bathroom, we get two! I know that’s not big to you, but remember, Kyle & I haven’t met, so sharing space will be a new thing. In fact, sharing space with a man will be new for me. ;-) Also, I have a lot of hair to flat iron in the morning. Not having to dodge my elbow while I do that will be a blessing for him.

We will also get to enjoy a beautiful, not in your face DISNEY, setting based on the Louisiana Bayou. They have their own piano-playing comedian: Yehaa Bob, and the pools even have a water slide! The rooms are a bit bigger, and there are more busses that come there. They also have a boat that transports you to and from Downtown Disney, the shopping district. How much more awesome could it be?

What’s your favorite Disney resort to stay at? If you could pick any resort, where would you love to stay? (Contemporary for me!)

Next Post [May 27th]: What sit down meals will we pick to use our free dining?

**Yes, I posted this post early, but I am going to be busy tomorrow, so I wanted to get this one out there.**

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