Sunday, May 15, 2011

There's a Poll at the End of This Post

Tonight a little cowboy carrying a large pile of clothing came running into the living room at my sister's house proclaiming, "Daddy I don't want to be a cowboy anymore! I want to be a firefighter!" His father, my brother in law, told him "that's fine. Be a firefighter!" Well the cowboy belt was a little difficult to finagle, so after a little help from his dad, this is what we were blessed with:
I think the cowboy boots totally make the look! Ecstatic at the prospect of his aunt being his new photographer, our cowboy/firefighter then said "wait! I want to be a policeman!" and begged me to wait toleave until he'd changed and I'd taken his picture. Again, the boots make the look even better:Not to be outdone by her little brother, my niece then exclaimed that she was going to dress up to get her picture taken and to wait for her! This is the public servant she decided upon: Yes, folks, she's Water Woman! The superhero I dressed up as last summer for our church's VBS. I couldn't help but laugh! How sweet! *heart melts*

Since my brother in law won the "name my blog" contest for no real prize other than pride, when he suggested I blog these pics and ask you all to vote on your favorite public servant, I was more than happy to oblige.

So which public servant is your favorite? Cowboy Fireman Joshua, Policeman Josh (yes yes it's the same cute kiddo) or Water Woman Katelyn? Vote using the poll in the sidebar (under my Twitter feed) and be sure to tell us why you voted for them in the comments below. Voting ends next Sunday, May 22nd! (Don't worry - we're telling the kids it was a tie because they're both awesome!)

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  1. Cowboy Firefighter is the original there all others are derivative. Also, it combines two jobs and can fight cowboy that are on fire or fires on the range.