Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm in the 0.16%

I am a member of the 0.16%!

Wednesday afternoon and evening I worked like crazy to completely revamp my blog's design. Coincidentally Wednesday afternoon and evening Blogger worked like crazy to break my blog and then not fix it. There's a longer explanation available, but the gist is that all posts and comments from the early morning hours of Wednesday on were deleted from the system. Most blog posts and comments were restored today after 20.5 hours of read-only Blogger.

Some of you are noticing that your comments are missing from the past 2 posts. Supposedly they might show back up this weekend. I promise I liked all of your lovely comments and did not delete any of them! :)

What's the 0.16% about, you ask? Well, that's the estimate of the percentage of bloggers that "encountered additional problems specific to their accounts" and that is where I fall. You see, all that work I did on Wednesday went out the window with Blogger's snafu. If you checked my blog today, Friday, you noticed that my blog had reverted back to its old, boring design. Imagine my shock and dismay when I pulled it up to show a friend all my hard work, and my blog was blah again!

Tonight I got all crafty and decided to add a couple more labels to the sidebar and to redo my design. I have taken more screenshots, so that I can quickly color match my Twitter feed AGAIN because I *do* think this will happen again. I have a very realistic expectation that now that I've once again redone my blog's design, Blogger will revert back to an old iteration of my blog. I believe I can now reset it in about 15 minutes. Does that put me in the top 10% of the 0.16%? ;-)

Real blog post coming up soon-ish. Stay tuned.

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