Sunday, May 29, 2011

Food Glorious Food

**All links to the restaurants will take you to food reviews (with photos) on the Disney Food Blog. Check it out!**

Food was a LONG conversation for Kyle and me hence this LONG post, but this is by far my favorite post in my pre-trip report so far! There are so many amaz
ing possibilities for table service (sit-down) meals at Walt Disney World. We both had our opinions, but I’m fairly new to
sit-down dining at Walt Disney World, so I was open to new places. I’ve been to many places, but most of them were character meals. We also needed to work around Kyle’s food allergy (no problem, but I like my dining partner to be able to have a dessert to pick, so we needed to keep it in mind). Once we had our Park days picked, we could plan meals fairly easily though.

We decided to eat dinner in Magic Kingdom on Friday, our arrival day, at the Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square. It’s partially based on Johnny Tremain and even has a tree with lanterns in it outside of the restaurant. I’ve heard the turkey there is excellent which is perfect for us because Kyle loves turkey!

You don’t know of Johnny Tremain?! Oh the scandal!! Yeah... I didn’t either, but here’s the “Sons of Liberty” song from the movie. It’s got the tree with the lanterns in it.

Catchy tune, no?

Saturday we’ll be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios enjoying Star Wars Weekend. At first we planned to not have a sit-down meal, but plans changed (right after I posted the last post about park days), and we decided to stop for lunch at 50’s Prime Time Café. I’m a little nervous about this meal because I’m not dying for someone, specifically the waitstaff, to gripe at me to eat my veggies or get my elbows off the table, but I’m going to give it a go since Kyle seems to want to go there. :) Besides, by staying through dinner, we can see the Hyperspace Hoopla and then head back to our resort to enjoy Yeeha Bob’s show!

Hoping this will be part of the Hyperspace Hoopla:

I’ll wait while you watch it again. Yes, it’s that hilarious to watch Darth Vader do the Hammer dance! Done giggling? ;-) Moving on to Epcot!

Our first day at Epcot, we’ll be relaxing in Italy at Via Napoli for dinner. The menu here looks amazing, and the pizza ovens are really fantastic. Right now I just want to order an authentic Margherita Pizza. I love dining in Epcot’s World Showcase because you truly feel like you’re in a different country.

The meal I’m most hesitant about is one Kyle was dying to make a reservation for: Boma – Flavors of Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s traditional African fare, but I’m told there are some normal items on the buffet too. Monday's dinner will find me sampling many different items including Potatoes with Afritude (pictured to the left).

When my family went to Disney World in January of 2009, we missed one of our dining reservations and ended up being able to get a new reservation at San Angel Inn Restaurante in Mexico in Epcot instead. It was the best meal I’ve had at Walt Disney World to date! Amazing authentic Mexican, not TexMex, food, melt in your mouth steak, and despite being indoors you feel like you’re on a patio at night in Mexico! You also get to watch the boats for the Three Caballeros ride pass by. At first I wanted to go to Garden Grill again, but after a few days, I begged Kyle to go here instead and he kindly obliged my request for our dinner on Tuesday to be here. (Side note: we may do a casual lunch in Downtown Disney and shop on this day instead of the one listed in the last post.)

Kyle mentioned how fabulous the breakfast skillets (think all you can eat Mickey Waffles!) were at the Whispering Canyon Café at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort. I’d really been wanting to do a sit-down breakfast at WDW, and our last day seemed like a perfect day to enjoy a long, leisurely, sit-down breakfast. The hitch in this was it would make us miss Magic Kingdom’s Rope Drop. My faithful readers all know that one of my favorite events at WDW is the Rope Drop at Magic Kingdom. Thinking quickly, Kyle suggested that the day before, Tuesday, we head to Rope Drop (maybe jet in to ride Peter Pan’s Flight) and then park hop on the monorail over to Epcot for the day. That way we could go right to breakfast on Wednesday. Sounded like the perfect compromise. :)

Planning meals with someone whose tastes you aren’t familiar with is a feat, but it was fun! Once we decided where we wanted to eat, using the online WDW dining reservation system was fast and easy! I can’t wait to try all these new places!

Which places do you like to eat at over and over again? Any WDW table services that you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t gotten time to get to yet?

**Thanks again to the Disney Food Blog for all the restaurant reviews! I visit the DFB daily to drool over the Disney World food and plan what I want to try on my next trip!**

Next Post [June 3rd]: Be sure to come back on the 3rd because I’ll have some interactive fun for you! Kyle and I need your help making a part of our plans for our trip!


  1. Nothing about snacks. Are you not having snacks on this trip?

  2. Nothing about the videos. I thought for sure they were right up your alley.

    As for snacks, the post was so long already that I couldn't add that in. Maybe I'll post again before Friday with a snacks list and include pics. I've got a list on my desk that I've been adding to as I read the Disney Food Blog. Since I've gotten a day off (early) on posting, I've got room for another post.