Friday, February 16, 2007

No Pictures; Only Words

OK, so the title for this one is pretty self explanitory. I need to take some pictures to be able to have something to post picture-wise. Next week I should be done with the rubber ducky cake, so I'll be able to show ya'll what it looked like, I had to modify it a bit already because the directions for the pan lied. Yep, flat out lied to my face!

This weekend is going to be busy in spurts. I've got a date on Saturday (yep -- you read that right!), and Julie's baby shower is that morning. Tonight I've got to finish her cake and maybe hang out with Amanda for movies and playing with our dogs together (if she feels better -- she went home sick this morning). Sunday I've got church, and I have to tutor again (almost my last time). The woman wants me to tutor her one last time the night before the test, which is next Friday night. What if I want to go out for my bday that night?? I know she needs my help, but my birthday is Thursday, and I want to be free to celebrate. :-) Oh well, I think I'm going to tell her I can tutor 5 - 6 only. I don't mind tutoring on Sunday afternoons; I just don't like it in the evenings after work when my brain is already fried.

Ha! I just came up with something to take a picture of and post! By now you should know that:
1. I LOVE glitter.
2. I love all things sparkly.
3. Pink is my favorite color.
4. I love math.
5. I always make lists with an odd number of statements. :-)
Behold! The best calculator ever!
The kids love it, and it's really fun when I pull it out at my desk to help them with a problem, and they see it for the first time. Typically the reaction is, "whoa, Miss! You're calculator has got serious bling! That's cool!" Makes me smile everytime they say it. In all honesty, if I could get away with wearing glitter or something sparkly everyday, I would!

Hope you all have a great weekend -- especially all you ladies on the Ladies Retreat. Love ya'll!

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