Thursday, February 01, 2007


A most exciting article has appeared on Mugglenet! The next and final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, will be released July 21st of THIS YEAR! Now in the past with the rumors of fake book titles and release dates, J. K. Rowling has told readers to not believe it unless it shows up on her official site. Here it is! Sorry, I'm super excited! Do you understand what this means?!

1. We find out the end to this saga that's been being read since 1997!

2. We find out who lives and who dies. (tears)

3. My invisible shelf will finally be holding all 7 of the HP books! It's very happy to hear this as it's life goal is not able to be realized until this book is released.

4. This summer I will have something new to read.

5. I need to start re-reading all the HP books NOW. Yep, that's right! I was able to read the 1st 3 in a row bc that's when LaRae (THANK YOU!) got me started on these books. Before Books 4, 5, and 6 were released I read all the previous books again in anticipation of the continuation of the story. I've actually re read all of the books numerous times...I think I've read them all at least 10 times, and each time I discover something new.

6. When the book comes I will read it quickly once bc I have been so eager to get the book. After I finish it the first time I will immediately start reading it again but slower so I can savor each word and make sure I catch every little thing.

7. will not really have a reason to exist after a few years when the movies are done. (Think about that was popular when the LotR movies were coming out. Who visits that site anymore?!)

8. I'll have to find some other epic series to start. This one I love to re-read bc it takes me to a world far away from my troubles that I would love to be in and have the abilities the characters have.

9. July 21st and the days following you should not try to contact me. I will not stop to eat or sleep except when my body demands it! :-) Face the facts, I'm out of the closet to the world -- I LOVE HARRY POTTER. :-D



  1. I've never been much of a Harry Potter fan, although the movies have been okay thus far.

    As far as another epic series you could begin, might I suggest . . .

    BOOSTER GOLD! It is really good.

    Honestly, it isn't so muc an epic, but Ted Dekker wrote a trilogy of books named the "Circle Trilogy", which consists of "Black", "Red", and "White" in order, which Jennifer and I enjoyed.

    Of course, there is always Narnia.

  2. Who is Theo Nering, the guy who invented icing?

    Will this really be the end of Harry Potter books, or will whoever owns the license let other people write books for a cut of the money?

  3. OK a few things:
    1. Booster Gold is not a book; he is a comic, so no matter what he cannot replace HP.

    2. Booster Gold is starting to rank up there with pear gorgonzola pizza.

    3. I read Narnia last summer when I was bored, but I might look into that trilogy.

    4. the one ring . net, but that's nothing you'd care about, eh? ;-) Besides I think whoever invented icing (the internet is eluding me on that answer) is probably more french sounding...

    5. I don't think that the fans would allow that to happen with the HP books. It would flop if it wasn't really JKR. Partly bc I don't think her genius would be so easy to imitate. Also it just wouldn't be the same. I wouldn't buy them. That's like reading fan fiction -- who reads that?!

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  5. 1) Booster is not a book (although it ought to be and Booster will almost certainly be a big player in the novelization of 52), but his comic book was an epic, which is all you really asked for.

    2) Pear and Gorgonzolla Pizza is awesome!

  6. I don't think extended story Harry Potter books would sell as well as the originals. But they would sell. Look at how many different Star Wars novels there are out there that weren't from George Lucas. Or Star Trek books that Gene Roddenberry didn't write. Sure they're not going to be on the New York Times Bestsellers list, but they must make money for the publishers or they wouldn't be there.

    I had to read the Hobbit when I was in 6th grade. I absolutly hated it. It's like reading Shakespeare. It is just to much work. But like Shakespeare, if you get someone good to perform it (like Theo maybe) it is very interesting.

    Phylemon, Mathchick is right about the comparison of Booster & Harry Potter. Let's be realistic. Harry Potter has led millions of kids to follow him in his life of parent murdering, satan worshiping witchcraft. Booster has you alphabetizing your comics in little white boxes and trying to make your friends read them. They're not even close.

    And the pear pizza is bad. The various tastes in there do not mix well. It made my fridge smell really bad, too.

  7. I would accept that statement about the pear pizza, Randy, if I was the only one who enjoyed it. My taste has always skewed a little to the peculier, but the fact the Jennifer also enjoys the pizza means that you must be just plain wrong.

    You are also wrong about Booster Gold. He has inspired me to do more than just, "alphabetizing your comics in little white boxes and trying to make your friends read them." He also inspires me to do good deeds for fun and profit and talk to evil gold toasters.

  8. heyyy Joanna!! Long time no see/chat/etc! Glad to hear you are doing great-- :)

    U should try Eragon and Eldest..granted its not near as good as HP but I still enjoyed them a lot! Maybe a little predictable...but fun still and u have at least one more book to look forward to with that series. :)

    :) Ronda