Monday, February 05, 2007


I have no one to take pictures of me and Sprinkles (and so I don't have many), so the other night I set the timer on my camera and tried to take some myself. This was the best, and it's not that great, but at least I have it. :-) Tonight we're learning how to have him go to a "spot" when told to, so I've got to bring his "spot" with me. It's going to be his big bed's a huge pillow that I intended to be a comfortable place for him to sleep. Instead he's decided that the end of the couch, on top of me (either in bed or on the couch), or at my feet is a much more comfortable way to sleep. Oh well, it's a good place to tell him to go when company comes, and he's acting insane or to go when I need him out of my hair when he is misbehaving. Really at this point I'm just liking the interaction he is getting with the big dogs.

So weird stuff is happening at my apartment complex. To start with, a few weeks ago the people above me (who's door happens to be on the first floor -- they have a garage) moved out on a Sunday -- all day Sunday in fact. A few days later a notice appeared on their door (in plain) sight that their check had bounced, and they were in danger of lock out. For about a week or more now, they have been locked out (lot of good it does--they're gone!), and a notice of "official lock out" has been taped to the door. Now for the past few nights people have been showing up at that apartment and going in through the garage (not the people who lived there). They've been taking items from the garage, which was left with tons of stuff in it, (after leafing through it all and picking out the good stuff) and have been upstairs in the apartment walking loudly. What the heck!? The official lock out lock is still on the door knob! Last night I called Dad to ask what to do, and he wrote down the licence number as I walked by and quietly read it to him (yes, I'm prone to playing the role of Nancy Drew). I called and left a message for the apartment complex, but I haven't heard back. It's just weird! If it were people cleaning for the complex, wouldn't they do it in day light hours and be loading all the junk to toss instead of taking a bit at a time? I feel like criminal activity is happening in my building or else I'm going insane! OK, I've got to go. I need to sleep a lot tonight after doggie class!

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  1. That is odd, and your instinct about criminal activity is justified (although how are they getting in if they are not connected to the people that lived there). Telling the apartment complex is the best choice, so good work there.