Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Time for an Update?

Edit: OOPS! Heroes Spoiler Alert -- don't read the end if you haven't watched this week's yet? I really did spoil a bit there...sorry Paul!

Edit 2: LOOK at the very bottom of my blog page! I got a fun new counter!
I was trying to find a good picture to post, and I stumbled across this picture. Can you believe Little Bear was that small? I used to love putting her to bed because it meant I got to cuddle with her. :-) I can't wait for Little Joshua to show up. (I know I kind of have to wait...but still!) The first thing I thought when LaRae said it was going to be a boy was, "what do you do with a little boy?! I know nothing of baby boys!" Then Sunday morning she was sitting there holding Tate, and I thought, "oh what a beautiful baby boy! I can do this...I need to get Joshua some bear paw shoes!" (Check out Kelly's site for the picture of those!) Anyways, I'm finally really on board and excited about having a nephew! I was excited before, but now I'm a lot more excited! Does that make sense without sounding completely moronic? Ha!

This weekend is mildly busy as well. Friday night Amanda and I are going to hang out at her house and watch a movie as an early bday celebration. She said to bring Sprinkles, so he can play with us, and so he can have interaction with her and her roomie's dogs since they're bigger than him. He has been getting braver lately. Saturday is Julie's shower, and sometime before then I'm supposed to make the cake which means I have to shop for the stuff for it. That should be interesting... I hope it will turn out well! Yes, I'll post pictures of it when it's done. Sunday is tutoring day; I tutor another teacher for the 8 - 12 math certification test. Thankfully I miss doing calculus and higher math, so it's pretty fun! (OK, and I get paid for it...)

Oh yeah, HEROES! Did ya'll watch it last night? Not too scary this week. (Can you believe I actually watch it alone!?)
- Sylar is still too spooky, but this week I watched his scene without having to watch it on fast forward or with my eyes covered -- that's progress!
- I missed getting to see Peter -- can he be on every show please??
- I wasn't happy with the cop taking the diamonds. No matter what that guy was thinking about him, he's still the good guy, and he should act like one! Why could he hear Niki?? Was it because he can hear thoughts, or was it because when she's arguing with herself, she says both parts aloud? Just a curiosity. Him hearing Niki didn't sound like when he hears thoughts.
- Also, Claire's mother is just sad, and Claire's father needs to fix it. It's beyond the point where he loves her, so he's protecting her; now he's just ruining her mind and her life. Maybe if he really loved her, he would trust her. What did he see in her when they married? What was she like then? Has her memory been erased so many times that we haven't really seen what Claire's mom was like when she married Claire's father?
- Ando and Hiro always make me laugh, but I don't like the idea of them getting split up. I know Ando doesn't have powers (that we know of yet), but they're a team, and they need each other. It messes with the chemistry!
- Nathan needs to come clean with his family -- not the press, but his family. He needs to tell his wife about him being able to fly. He needs to tell her about his daughter. He needs to meet Claire and not be such a pansy! What kind of marriage does he have if it's all based on lies?! OK, so I'm on the marriage thing today, but it's becoming clear to me that none of the married characters are very honest with their spouses, nor do they communicate clearly and openly.
There that's the end of my Heroes rant. Sorry if you were silly enough to read it before you watched the show!

Hope you all have lovely weeks! Don't get blown away by the freakishly strong winds today!

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  1. Argh! I read halfway through your Heroes rant before I realized that today is Tuesday and that I haven't seen last nights episode yet. Oh well.

    Twin Peaks has free Wi-Fi, and awesome Pulled Pork Nacho's! If I'm not wrong, Wendy's has Wi-Fi, but I don't know if it is free. The Hylemon home is also wireless, although Jennifer is still sick, so you might wind up paying in sick days.