Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spoilers Everywhere!

If you haven't seen this week's Heroes or last week's Lost, I suggest you stop reading after this paragraph. I'd been so good updating my blog, but I've been really busy lately, so I've had to drop off a bit. Tomorrow is my 24th birthday: good number -- it's even, it's the number of hours in a day, it's 2 times the archetypal number for the relationship between God and man, it's 24% of the way to 100, and it's 6 25ths of a century. w00t! :-) LaRae's planning a small get together at Dave and Busters which should be really fun. Best of all it's at Stone Brier Mall where there is a Showcolate. :-) I'm excited to get to have a celebration with my friends -- I know it's not meat on a stick, but it's still fun. :-)

OK on to the spoilers!
Lost comes first. I'm looking forward to tonight's episode, but I really don't want Charlie to die. For those of you who read Kent's blog, you know from my comments that I believe good shows are even better when they have a resident hobbit. Seriously, Dominic Monaghan is one of the reasons I started watching Lost, and I absolutely love him as an actor. He's just funny. So last week was allllll about Desmond which I can't complain about because we knew next to nothing about his past. The big question is if he actually left the island or not when he turned the key. I say NO. He was knocked out from the blast and was flying through the air during what we saw until he crashed in the forest and hit his head (thus ending the "dream"). Let me explain further: think about you dreaming at night -- you can dream about weeks passing when you've only been asleep for an hour long nap -- the mind has no time limits. Why the "dream"? (I have no idea what else to call it other than a dream.) The blast or whatever happened when he turned the key is what made him able to see visions of the future. His subconscious went through his past linking it to things/people that had already happened on the island to help him deal with the visions that would come when he awoke. Desmond being hit in the head in the bar coincided with him hitting his head in the woods when he fell (I'm assuming from the sky). Again, his subconscious linked past and present to help him wake. While I know the whole thing was traumatizing for him to go through his past again only to wake up on the island, this way he woke able to deal with his strange, new "talent." When I explained all of this to Randy and LaRae, Randy said it made sense when he thought of it like the story Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. Who knows...maybe I'm totally off, but it just doesn't make sense that he actually left the island and relived some of his past.

On to Heroes! You all know I think that all episodes should have Peter Petrelli, so I wasn't disappointed this week. While I really like that he's able to control his powers better now and is able to pull from the bank of powers he has absorbed, I'm not a total fan of how he's using them. I think it will be easy for him to start to abuse them to get what he wants... Simone died because he engaged in a fight with Issac rather than talking rationally. Granted Issac needs to think for himself. OK, and I'm not so sad that Simone is dead. She was secondary and a distraction to the heroes. If someone had to be killed off, that's fine that it was her. Since Peter has come in contact with Sylar (I shudder when I think of him), he must have a huge number of "powers" to pull from. Does this make him a good head to head match to "beat" Sylar now? Speaking of Sylar -- ha ha ha! Serves him right to steal that woman's power and not be able to control it yet. I was really really sad to see Ando and Hiro split up. I totally understand it, but it still makes me sad. I'll miss that team. Is this the end of Ando's role on the show, or will we get to see him again? Finally the policeman, radioactive freak, and the ultimate computer nerd: they make a rather frightening team. I don't like the radioactive guy -- he's too unstable, but isn't radioactivity rather unstable too? The computer geek is freakishly into revenge, and I'm not happy that the policeman seems to be turning against the law -- granted sometimes there are crooked cops, but I don't see that being what he's turning against. He of all people should know better than to steal and to manhandle people. Claire's finally getting the right idea about her dad and hopefully her shunning him will help him to see that protecting his family doesn't mean destroying their minds or keeping them in a bubble. Can they please fix Claire's adoptive mom? I found this on wikipedia, and while I don't really like it as a source, this link has a pretty conclusive list of characters from the show. Enjoy!

OK I'm done. See, I don't have any good theories on Heroes, but I finally have something to guess about on Lost. Typically the theories just drive me mad, so I wait to just see what's going to happen. Yes, my weekend was busy -- I'll post about the baby shower cake when I can. Tutoring went well. I don't post about dates on here, so if you want to know how it went, just ask me. By the way, did ya'll know I'm a Southern girl through and through? I didn't know it mattered, but apparently it's bred in me to expect certain things to happen on a date (no not like that!)... I've still got a lot to do today, so I should run. Hope you all have a lovely day!

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