Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Peace, Perfect Peace

I've moved up to intermediate Sudoku. (That's the one I just finished.) Granted, easy ones really are too easy for me, but it's kind of a nice ego booster to be able to solve one in a few minutes. Now I'm back in the mindset, and I've moved up to intermediate. Really this post isn't about Sudoku (as fun as it is)...

The other day I was sitting at my desk after school, and I realized while life is pretty good right now, after 4th period, I am usually really stressed out. So I started thinking about what makes me relax and when I'm most at peace (in the school setting). Granted, because I'm trying to think about being at peace at school, I can't go the route of, "I feel most at peace watching TV, reading a book, playing with Katelyn or Sprinkles, etc." When I really got down to it, I feel so peaceful when I am making answer keys for algebra (for tests or classwork) or playing Sudoku. There's something so calming about the order and logic of doing both activities. I know, I know, I'm a math major, so Algebra is really easy for me, but I think it's something about always being able to solve the problem. About the order of thinking about math. About just having something I can feel like a genius doing. About how pretty an algebra problem is when it's solved (yes -- pretty! I think a well organized, completed, algebra problem looks pleasing to the eye!) . I've started making my answer keys for the day during 2nd period as the kids are working, and sometimes when they're working and don't need me, I can work on a Sudoku puzzle...it's something I can pick up and be interupted from without getting messed up. Maybe it's rather OCD of me; I think that's why I love math -- because it's so ORGANIZED! Go try Sudoku.


  1. Jo! It's great to hear from you! I didn't realize you were a blogger also. I added your blog to my google reader so that I can keep up with you.

    I totally suck at Soduku. Every time I've tried it, on the electronic version, it informs me that my answer are wrong, even though, the best I can tell, they are correct.

    Good luck with that. See you later!

  2. I'm impressed. I enjoyed Algebra in school (hated Geomery), but I can't get the hang of Soduku.

    My peace comes when I balance the checkbook! :)

  3. Hey there miss jo! I stopped by the computer lab today after i gone done early from a test and I figured i'd see what all you had been up to. You crack me up when i read your posts, i can see you in my mind ascting out with all of your "jo-isims" haha, Any way, you deff need to come visit the stl and see the beautiful Brannan Baby, she is so very cute. Cedric and i stopped by after church to visit katrina in the hospital last weekend, I can't get over whata pretty baby she is. Katrina looked great after all she had been through , it's no neat to see their cute little family now. Anyway, for selfish reasons I would love to see you too, so let me know when your coming! Take care this week and i'll be in touch! Love ya!