Friday, January 05, 2007

...And the flowers croon...

Sorry that title was going off of Keeper's comment. Anyways, today is much better. (Thank goodness!) I've actually had some time to do some planning, and I've had time to organize my desk again. It is sort of nice having 1st period conference bc I get all of this time to get organized and get things together before I have to teach. Really my day doesn't start (with kids in my room) until 10:10! Oh yeah, that's not bad. That means when I get here at 7:30, I have plenty of time to work.

Last night I reorganized a bunch of TAKS Math notebooks and went to the comic book store. I was surprised Sprinkles didn't kill me in my sleep, as I ignored him a lot last night. I was working or reading pretty much all evening. He did poo on the floor... hm, yeah that was my payback. Oh yeah, and I almost got asked out. Paul saw it all; he can vouch for me. Actually about 3 other guys who were in the comic book store who stopped what they were doing and looked up and over and this guy and I could vouch for it too. The worst thing is all I could think was, "oh crap oh crap oh crap." See, I'm a punk. I flirt with this guy at the comic book shop bc it's fun and bc I can and bc I thought it was safe. Last night I got asked if I had a boyfriend...seriously it all sounds lame on here, but I'm thinking it's leading into him asking me on a date soon. Oh yeah, he called me cute -- that was nice. Bottom line in this rambling: I'm not interested. He's nice and all, but he's really got a chip on his shoulder about religion, and he's divorced and has a kid. From what he's said I'm not seeing that the divorce was scriptural. I'd go on a date for fun, but no further with this one. Why can't I get myself to flirt with nice, good looking, single, Christian men? I can flirt with the ones I shouldn't or don't want to date -- when it's someone I'm really interested in though -- totally lose my ability to put together words that sound even remotely like words.

Enough about my singleness. Last night was funny and gave me a good smile after a long day.

Monday starts Sprinkles intermediate doggy classes. He has to pass the puppy class test before we start bc when he was sick, he missed the test. We've been practicing in the evenings a lot, and I feel like he's really ready for the test. He will still sit and lay down on command, and now he really will stay when I tell him to (without his leash being tied to anything). I think he really had fun doing his tricks for me. I'm really looking forward to these classes. It's good, structured quality time with Sprinkles, and it's fun to teach him new stuff. In these classes he'll learn stay and come(better than he has it now), how to properly meet people and other dogs as we're taking walks, how to heel, and a fun trick (which trick will be decided by our class -- I want him to learn how to sit pretty...I think shake is dull, but cute).

Picture for today is me making Whitpoop's wedding cake. Waaaaah! I didn't leave enough room for the topper. Let me pout for a second.

There we go. Now, is it going to fall off? Willow Tree figures are pretty and look nice on the top of a cake, but those things are pretty dang heavy to trust on top of a wedding cake. (Yeah, it fell after I set up the cake at the wedding, but I fixed it.)

Here's a close up of the detail. No I didn't make the flowers. I have started using some fake (and real) flowers since my carpal tunnel surgery to help cut down on the strain on my hands.

Love ya'll!


  1. I can indeed attest to the fact that Joanna was hit upon last night at the Comic Book Store, and that it was truly awkward (although not so much on Joanna's part as it was on the part of her attempted suitor).

    Joanna, i'm glad that you are feeling better about the school day and the issues surrounding conference period. I would kill for my day not to start until 10:00, although I imagine the mad dash to the end of the day makes this less pleasant.

    What the heck does "sit pretty" mean?

  2. Oh wow, I read that in the middle of class and about busted up laughing at your verification of last night's events. LOL.

    The mad dash is not so fun, especially when you need to pee. Was that TMI?

    Sit Pretty means he sits back flat on his rump and holds his front paws off the ground in front of him. It's like when you see pictures of dogs begging like here: Won't he look cute?!

  3. Oh, the line is "...And the flowers croon. In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki room."