Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bad Dream

I woke up this morning around 6am totally stressed out. For one, the dog was laying on my head. Yeah, how can that be comfortable for him?! I mean for me, it was sort of head was warm, so he was preventing my body heat from escaping. Thank goodness I wanted to wash my hair today. Anyways, with him being literally on my mind and me going back to sleep after his 1 am urgent "gotta go right now" outdoor trip, it's no wonder he made his way into my dream:

I was at school teaching the courses and kids I am actually teaching right now. For some weird reason I had brought Sprinkles to work with me. In my dream I knew he shouldn't be there bc I had snuck him in. All day I was careful to keep the door closed while I taught, so he was able to run around the room during class without getting out of the room. During class changes I held onto him. I never really left my room, and the kids were loving having him here. Around the 3rd to 4th class change he darted out into the throng of students swarming about in the halls, and I had to run after him. I grab him right as we both run into two teachers here (won't name names) who always find it their main purpose in life to tell people what they're doing wrong, why they shouldn't do it, how horrible they are for doing it, and who promptly go share what you were doing wrong with the whole school. Yep, of course it was two of those people. That's where I woke up...after being cornered in my room and being told off, I woke up stressed. It was weird. No I wouldn't ever consider bringing Sprinkles here to run around in my classes. Do I and others bring our dogs up when we are working in the evenings or on a weekend or two (not on workdays)? Yes. :-) It's fun.

That's my most recent dream -- that's less traumatizing than the one I had about a week and a half ago where I was the star of a bad Lifetime movie. Me and these other women with big 80s hair were painting dishes (like mugs and plates) all the colors of the rainbow...oh and stained glass windows, but we were using thick paint the light wouldn't go through. For some reason we were convinced that by doing this I would be able to leave my physically abusive husband. Oh yeah, while we were being crafty in the driveway and garage, my husband was throwing a party in the backyard. (Real smooth of us, eh?) So anyways, one of my husband's party goers comes to where we are and tries to hit on me, and when I turn him down (oh yeah, he was fat, balding, and in general really gross) he breaks half of our dishes! But we had shelves and shelves of them done, so someone assured me I'd still be able to leave him soon. Then this woman, who incidently we helped to leave her abusive husband last month, drives up in this old pickup and tells me she's going to tell my husband what I'm doing and stop me! We all are in shock bc she of all people should understand my pain! We can't stop her, so she runs and gets my husband. He is so angry (and so abusive) that he throws me into the shelves of the remaining dishes we have worked so hard to paint (not a good day for dishes!) and kills me. Yeah, weird again, huh? Not so bad though bc I think even at the beginning of my dream I knew how it would end. Afterall Lifetime movies are pretty predictable.

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