Thursday, January 18, 2007

The BIG 5-0

This is my 50th post. Feels like more...I guess that's because I have blogged on Easyjournal and then Xanga since my freshman year of college. Wow, that's a lot of info online.

I was looking at pictures today from back in October and December and stumbled across this little gem. For some odd reason, on that day Little Bear seemed to think she belonged in Sprinkles' cage. Every time we turned around that's where she was, and she even shut the door herself! Of course a month or so ago she thought it was her job to rip his water bottle off the side of his cage every time she saw it hanging there...I'm not sure which is worse. I think I know what her parents think is worse!

I haven't heard back for the 35 year old guy. OK, I asked him some pretty frank questions, so I'm not surprised. If he'd answered, I would have thought maybe God was giving me a sign. Yes, I am looking on this site to meet someone to date, not just on there to make a new friend. I could date people I don't see a future with, but I don't really see the point. It's like being on a diet and cheating with a dessert you don't actually like. I did hear back from a different guy I had emailed, so I emailed him back this morning. That's as far as I've ever gotten (even being cautious not to sound desperate, clingy, and/or like an over talkative freak), so we'll see if he replies again.

Yesterday's snow day was a nice surprise. I was already awake and showered, so I stayed up and cleaned and worked in my apartment. It was really great to get a day to get some little projects done that I'm usually too tired to do in the afternoons and weekends. The kids are greedy about snow days though. They think we'll have another tomorrow, but I'm thinking the predictions are fact the snow warning thing just got lifted, so we'll be here tomorrow. Some teachers were actually here yesterday before they got the call from the snow tree. I was going to be here at 7 yesterday and was on track to leave when Julie called and said she saw online that we were off, so I waited on getting ready. We could have come.

I played the role of pain in the rear neighbor. There's a huge white work van that's been sitting in the same parking spot since I moved. Here's what I noticed yesterday:
1. It still has a flat tire.
2. It's stickers are all expired.
3. It's unlocked thus any murderer or rapist could sit in it and wait for an unsuspecting victim.
4. It's taking up a prime parking place.
5. I couldn't find a parking place and it's the van or me!
So I called and told them about it. Now it has a beautiful orange sticker citing the expired stickers and flat tire and saying that it will be towed tomorrow if the issues are not fixed. If it is not towed, I will call weekly. I am sick of this van! It says Ace Cleaners on the side with a number. I'm about to start harassing them too.

Speaking of harassment: the Mary Kay lady who came over in October to give me a free facial left a basketful of products at my house accidentally. She's attempted to come get them about 3 or 4 times and each time called long after she was supposed to be there and said she can't make it. (Forget me not making plans to wait for her!) The last I heard from her was around Thanksgiving. Fast forward to a week ago -- she calls and asks when she can come and then starts to tell me about a sale she's having for people who host parties for her! THE NERVE!!! I cut her off and tell her succinctly that I will not be hostessing a party. Then she has the gall to ask if I have anything I want to order. I again give her a blunt, "No, I will not be ordering from you. When are you coming for your stuff??" She says she'll come Wednesday at 5pm. 3:00 yesterday I try to call (the roads were FINE by then) to ask if she's coming. I had to leave a message. She calls back, and here's our conversation:

Me: Hi I was just wondering if you were going to make it tonight to pick up your stuff.
Her: Oh no. Obviously with the weather I will not be able to make it!
Me: Oh really?
Her: Well yes since I have no experience driving on slick roads. I'll call you some other time.
Me: Oh ok (Holding back my annoyance and wanting to scream!)
Her: Thanks for calling.

THANKS FOR CALLING?!?!? What!? She should have called me! It wasn't a courtesy call on my part. If you are supposed to be somewhere and you can't make it (for whatever fake and outrageous reason), then call the person! I've been polite to her and she's acting like I'm holding her stuff hostage! Argh. So here's my next step. I'm calling her next week for her to come. When she says she'll be there, I'm going to tell her that if she is not there by ___o'clock I will leave her products in a bag on the doorknob, and I will expect them gone by the morning. I will also express that I hope no one else thinks they are freebies. Finally I will tell her that if they are not gone by the morning I will have no choice but to assume she is being generous and that she is considering the basket of goodies to be a free gift to me. I bet she'll make it that time.

I've got to balance my checkbook and go get comics! Love ya'll!


  1. This is what I love about you, Joanna. You have the very legitimate concern that since the van is unlocked there could be a rapist or murderer sitting in it waiting for unsuspecting victims, but how did you find out it was unlocked? Did you play the part of "unsuspecting victim" and go in for a closer look?

    If you'd like, you can find out where Mary Kay woman lives and I will take her bag to her (the pouring heaping coals on their head approach is occasionally effective). That way, our weekly Comic book trip will no longer be interrupted.

  2. Thanks, Paul! You made me laugh out loud this morning! Yes, in fact, I did go check out the van. Granted as I walked around it peeking the windows and looking inside at the door locks, I had my pepper spray ready! I wonder if I should test it to see if it actually works?

    The MK lady lives in Arlington. I'm going to shoot for a Tuesday or Thursday with her next time. I went and got comics yesterday -- he was actually very mild and sweet. Of course I was really laid back yesterday bc I was wiped out from dealing with punks.

    See you Sunday!