Monday, January 08, 2007

Lovely Weekend

This weekend I just relaxed. Saturday I didn't get out of my pj's and Sunday after church I watched TV and played with the dog all evening. It was so nice to not think about school. Of course here I am back to the grind stone.

Dog lessons tonight. I think Sprinkles is getting sick again...maybe not I dunno. Something's not quite right; I'm hoping it's the change in weather. Seriously, having an outdoor dog growing up really cut down on the worries about him. We weren't standing there everytime he went potty and didn't notice every little oddity about him bc he wasn't right there with us all the time.

Having a relaxing weekend sure makes for a boring blog post. I really don't have much going on, no profound thoughts to share, no funny stories to try to get you to laugh about; although Katelyn continues to be so loving and so "into" her Aunt "Joann-ie." Finally, I'm the cool, fun aunt! Whoo hoo!

OK pictures for today -- this was Mario's birthday cake last year. Some of you have already seen it. I wanted to do something cool that had to do with music for Mario, but I didn't want to do music notes. I don't know if he plays piano, but I thought this would be neat. This was my first attempt with working with chocolate. I actually watched a food network challenge and decided I could do chocolate work, so I melted chocolate (the stuff you would use to make candy) and smoothed it out on a cooled, wax paper covered, cutting board. (Thankfully you can remelt chocolate when you mess up!) Then I cut out the piano keys. The lines on the side of the cake to show the space between keys is piped chocolate. I piped it onto the cutting board and cut it into the right length once it cooled. I realized I couldn't get icing the same color as the chocolate, so the writing on the cake is chocolate was well...hence that part not looking awesome...first time means something suffers a little! (Oh yeah, chocolate cake with whipped icing -- yummiest cake I've made!) This cake got the best reviews of any cake I've made.


  1. Yeah, you are really talented. I'll look for a Paul Birthday cake in July.