Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My eye! My EYE!

Tee hee. OK, so yesterday during 1st period my eye started watering -- no need to panic, my eyes water in the mornings (as most of you see on Sunday morning bc I always have a tissue and look like I'm crying). By 2nd period, when I actually have a class, I have a sharp pain in my eye, redness, and burning...so not ok. I called LaRae to see if she could bring me my glasses, but Little Bear had been sick, so that was not going to happen (which was fine but frustrating to be stuck here and unable to do anything about my eye falling out). By the end of 2nd period I couldn't make my eye open, and so I called a support teacher to watch my class while I ran to the nurse to see if it looked like pink eye (shudder!). She said it could be which meant I had to leave, so I hurriedly got my stuff ready for my last two classes and arranged for teachers to take over my classes and left to find an eye doctor. By the way, I missed M & M Monday with my TAKS Math class. That's my baby! I love that activity! Argh. So an hour and a half later I finally find an eye doctor who can see me now, prescribe medicine if it's an infection, and takes my vision insurance. Go figure this was a medical thing (that a medical doctor would not have been able to see), so she didn't take my medical insurance, so I had to pay in full for the office visit. By that point though, she could have asked for my right arm, and I would have willingly given it to her if she could make the pain stop.

A long exam later, she tells me it a central corneal ulcer. (The article I linked you to says "pus"...there is no pus. In fact, I hate that word...) Basically it's a small hole in my cornea. I had already lost some vision (she promised it's temporary) in that eye, and so she gave me some drops and told me to use them every 15 minutes for 1 hour, every hour for the next 5 hours, and then every two hours until I see her again today. Oh yes, you've come to the right conclusion: I had to wake up every 2 hours last night to put in eye drops...I'm sleepy today. Anyways, I should be fine, but no contacts for at least a week. Good thing I got new cute glasses a month or two ago! I am really thankful it's not pink eye, so I could be at work today.

Sprinkles went to the groomer yesterday while I was eye doctor searching. His hair is long enough to have a top knot now. It was a top knot or cut it off bc I wanted to be able to see his eyes. Doesn't he look like a cute little fluffy alien?? (Before and after)

I better go now. Love ya'll! :-)


  1. Yikes, that doesn't sound like fun. Sprinkles looks pretty cute!

  2. Was the hole in you're eye caused by aresol sprays and global warming?

  3. Yes, aquanet is to blame for my eye hole.

    Thanks, Kelly! Everytime I look at him I just have to giggle. No seriously, I was watching Heroes last night and just started giggling when he bounced up into my lap! :-)

  4. Despite the flippancy of Keeper's question, is there a cause for this sort of thing? What can we do to help you?

  5. No, I'm fine. It's a lot better today. Yesterday at my follow up the doctor said I needed to still use the drops (less often), and I can't wear contacts for a week or so, but other than that I'm fine. It's caused by contact overwear. :-P