Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Trying to Stay Upbeat

** Heroes spoiler alert! If you haven't watched it yet, don't read the last paragraph (yeah, the one after my tirade about dog class last night)!**
I decided to post a sweet picture from Christmas because I needed something to smile about today. Isn't Little Bear cute with her Princess cape? It's a bit long still, but it's shimmery pink and fun! I picked out the fabric, and Mom sewed it for her dress up kit. (Katelyn's dress up kit...not Mom's!) I'm not down and depressed, but I did feel the great desire to really smile today -- not the fake smile you give people as you pass them in the hall and they ask how you are but a genuinely happy smile that comes from the memory of something sweet. :-)

Last night's dog classes were not so good. Last week I was tired, but we were able to work on and get "heel." (Even after Sprinkles had licked half the coating off of an ibuprofen right before class and scared me to death!) This week it was "sit" and "stay" while by other dogs. He went into class fine and promptly made friends with a new dog, Joey, who is a yellow lab but still smallish because he is young. Joey's a little crazy, but Sprinkles was getting along so well that Chris put us in the ring together to try "staying" by each other. First go round went great. The dogs sat and stayed beside us while Chris tried to distract them -- Sprinkles didn't pay any attention to him. We go out of the ring and stand by Bert, Sprinkles' Rottweiler friend who is massive, and they start sniffing each other. Their leashes got tangled, and Sprinkles lost it (I think he thought Bert had a hold of him), so right after that we have to go back in the ring with Joey, and have them "stay" while we walk away a few steps. He WOULD NOT do it. He wouldn't "stay" at all. I was so embarrassed, and of course my face turned red which I can't control, so I was even more mortified. So as we leave the ring, Chris tells me to work with Sprinkles on "stay" within sight of the other dogs but not too close while we're waiting for our next turn. OF COURSE he would do it then! So we're inching closer to the other dogs, and I put Sprinkles in a "sit" and start to walk off, and Joey jumps on him (playfully but still big dog)! Sprinkles freaks and runs to me, and then we've got to go in the dang ring again. Would not "stay" again. Thankfully Chris let Sprinkles calm down a bit, and he put him in there again but with Yeager who just lies there and doesn't care what's going on around him, but Sprinkles wouldn't "stay" unless we (Chris or I) were standing between him and the other dog. He did stay then... Chris says part of it is Sprinkles remembering being attacked at the dog park one of the first times we went, but he'll get better and get more used to the other dogs in class. He told me not to count on Sprinkles ever really loving the dog park or running around with the big dogs. I can understand that...he knows he's small and it's not fun to get stepped on.

OK, so I'm long winded about class -- it was embarrassing, so I had to get it out. Heroes last night was greatness! I love it that it's back on. Here's my few questions/comments:
1. I LOVE that Claire is getting to redo her friendship with Zack. That was one of the saddest things from earlier.
2. I have no idea what to think about her dad now. Is he evil after all or just looking out for his little girl?
3. The guy who took peoples' memories -- can Greg not hear thoughts around him because he's taking him memory of what people are thinking instantaneously? How does his power work? I NEED TO KNOW MORE!
4. Hiro is my favorite! He's so funny and so sweet. He and Nathan's interactions crack me up. Please keep them together for more scenes.
5. Peter is hot. There's my simplistic girly statement on him. I like to look at him. ;-) His visions are freaking me out.
6. Silar is scary as anything -- I don't care if he's lying there staring at a bug and appears to be docile. I think he's just lying in wait to kill more people. In real life I wouldn't feel this way, but since it's TV I've got to say, I really want them to just kill him off. He freaks me out, and he's unpredictable, and I just keep cringing when he's shown waiting for him to jump up at the window. Also if he is able to somehow "fix" things, so that when he takes brains he has their powers, shouldn't he be able to "fix" himself to be immune to whatever it is they're pumping into him? I still want to know what he does with the brains -- no, scratch that, I don't really want to see it, but I'm too curious for them to never tell us!
7. Finally I just have to say I love this show, but there are a lot of story lines. Sometimes I think it's too many. To keep going around among the different stories it seems to make the show move a little too slow. Now I have noticed the more characters meet up (Nathan, Hiro, Isaac, and Simone) the quicker it goes (DUH!), so I'd like to see more Heroes finding each other and interacting in the near future.

Love ya'll!

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