Saturday, July 08, 2006

Busy Day

I'm ready to come back to Texas. Mostly.

I got to see Kat today. That was really nice. She's 7 weeks pregnant. Yea for her! :-) I helped her decorate the church for her mom's surprise party and then went the the party. Her mom was surprised, and it was a fun little soiree. They catered with this really great BBQ place, and I got to enjoy GA pork BBQ instead of the usual TX Beef BBQ. Yum!

This evening I went to WalMart to get some pics printed off of Mom's camera card, and I ended up ticking people off. Honestly when I walked up both machines were free. Within minutes of starting, the other machine was in use and a line was formed! I had to edit a lot of the pictures (zoom in and brighten them), so it took me a while. Apparently people don't think anyone should get to use the machine longer than a second except them! Oh well. I ignored them, stood my ground, and finished my editing.

I'm off to play online with LaRae. Maybe I'll win for once...

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