Monday, July 03, 2006

I was a good writer!

That was what I exclaimed after about 2 hours of cleaning up "junk" today. Mom got me up to clean out closets, and we came across all the folders of schoolwork that she kept for me. My job was to sit on the bed and weed it all out. (We're talking Preschool through Senior year all having huge overflowing folders each!) I ended up keeping report cards, awards, and a few work samples from each year. A few things stood out to me, and while some will be bragging, they lifted me up after the brutal memories of getting some C's in some college math classes :

  • I never noticed while I was in elementary school that I got so many awards for things from academics to musical achievements. Mom said she always felt bad on LaRae and I's awards days because we went to the stage for award after award while some kids never got up.
  • I finally realized why my teachers liked me so much. I really was the model student and made all A's.
  • I liked math when I was younger; I hated it when I was a little older; I loved it when I got the right teacher again; I always excelled in it!
  • I took the SATs in 7th grade and was mad that I didn't break 1000. I got 930. Ha! I was a punk.
  • Dang, I could write! Seriously, I read some stuff I wrote in 6th grade that surprised the heck out of me that I wrote it, and I'm not talking "for that age" I'm talking EVER! I used to love to write and was good at it, and now all I write is this blog!
  • I was busy in high to the point of insanity.
  • Despite bad friends, I have no regrets in my school work.
  • Looking back at what I was doing as a freshman, kids today (don't I sound old saying that?) aren't being held to a high enough standard.

OK, that's just some. It was a fun jog down memory lane today. This afternoon I took Mom to see The Devil Wears Prada. I'm a literary purist, and while most of it followed the book, the ending veered off sharply. All in all it was still really good though. A warning to those going to see it: in our theatre they showed a preview for a movie about 9/11. It was tough to see just the preview. I'm not ashamed to tell you that I cried through it. I don't think I'll be able to see that movie. The fear and the sadness from that day and the following months are still too vivid in my mind. Will those of us who are old enough to have truly experienced that day ever heal completely from the deep wounds of the towers falling? Can you really say you are fully healed? Just curious. We also went to the library (for me to get the last two HP books for me to read here...have you ever tried to pack one? They're too heavy!) We made shrimp for dinner and just royally enjoyed our time together today.

Tomorrow Mom and Dad and I are going to see the parade in Woodstock, and we'll go to the fireworks in town tomorrow night. Dad wants to take me to Stone Mountain. He wants to do this mainly because when we were driving home from Aunt Gerry's last night I saw the mountain and said, "oh Stone Mountain..." in a longing voice. I love that place! I linked to the site for the mountain and a picture of the carving above. It's so rich in Southern Pride! I'm glad we lost the Civil War, but I love the South! Mom and I are going to try to get Pam to go the Georgia Aquarium on Friday afternoon. I miss Georgia a lot sometimes. I don't know what else we'll end up doing.

I talked to LaRae today on the phone and miss her a ton! Pretty soon after I get back they'll be headed to Georgia, so that will stink for me. I'll have to enjoy the window of time when we're both in Texas between Georgia trips. Maybe I'll take in some dollar movies between packing boxes while they're gone! I better go. I want to read before I head to bed, and we're getting up early tomorrow.

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  1. Stone Mountain IS pretty cool. I'll never forget climbing it with my parents. It was a day I really admired my dad. He was seriously on his hands and knees the last hundred yards, but he was NOT giving up. Awesome.

    I am glad you're having a good time in Georgia! You and Beri will have to bond over The Devil Wears Prada when you get back - she said it was funny.

    Also, thanks for The Da Vinci Code - I am really enjoying it! It is a very quick read. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent NOVEL to read - but probably everyone else has already read it, since they've already made the major motion picture and everything....

    We miss Joanna and look forward to her return!! Gas prices still suck, though.... :)