Thursday, July 20, 2006


Um yeah, I'm procrastinating big time! I dedicated today to packing up part of my apartment (I even know which exact parts...), and yet here I sit in the White House at 4:12pm, and I haven't packed a thing. Let me give some excuses:
1. I've been with LaRae and Katelyn so much in the days before this, and I've been getting up super early to go with LaRae to work out at 9am, and then I've been going to bed late, so this morning I actually slept in until noon, so I got a late start.
2. I went to drop off LaRae and Randy's van at their house after I woke up, and that took a small chunk out of my day.
3. I decided while I was out to go to the other end of Lewisville and pick up my laptop from the school, and I got stuck there for over an hour talking to my department head about some staff development stuff as well as the TI software she put on my computer.
4. Finally, I had my laptop in my car and couldn't pass up the free wireless at the White House, so I stopped here to put off packing...
Really I'm about to go back and pack books and decorations and take down everything on my walls. I learned in college that once you take the stuff off the walls, the place feels less homey and makes it easier to be motivated to pack. My dining room is about to be home base to all that is ready to go out the door.

Yesterday I did actually pack up a huge load of junk to take to CCA. Go figure the stuff I couldn't bear to get rid of a year ago is "junk" now. PS - I've got a microwave, barely used, with glass spinning thing inside, in like mint condition, I'm trying to get rid takes up storage space. I'd sell it for $25. (or $30 if you feel generous!)

On the plus side of life, the payraise they were going to to give us is now larger, so I'll be getting a car (midsize SUV really) next summer. Yea! for that. After driving LaRae's van, I feel like I'm sitting on the road to drive my car.

Last night I got to go to the comic book store with Paul. Fun stuff. I told him after we left, "I put on lipstick for this, and all I got was married men and super nerds!" Yeah...I'm a dork. We also had a really good class last night at church that made me think more about what I believe. Sometimes I feel that in my search for what I believe, I have ended with no clue as to what I believe at all! Does that make sense? I'm at this place of unrest where I'm trying to figure out what I believe based on what's in the Bible and weed out what I believe because I was raised in a Conservative Chruch of Christ...not that their teachings were bad, but I feel quite a bit that I thought was a "salvation issue" when I was being raised isn't actually one at all. Part of me is trying to really open my eyes to the truth while another part just wants to withdraw into the safety of my parents' faith and beliefs. Sigh.

I better go pack now. I have nothing of real value to say on here. Hope ya'll are staying cool.

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