Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ten Minutes

No, silly, that's not how long it will take you to read this post! I'm boiling eggs to go in LaRae and I's tuna salad (for the museum tomorrow), and they'll be done in 10 minutes, hence that's how long I have to write a fabulously boring blog update.

So I've been back in town like 2 full days, and I'm sitting here trying to figure out where the time has gone. You see as the first day of staff development approaches, I need to be able to account for each precious second that I have left in my summer of freedom!

Yesterday I got up early and ran a couple of errands (one happened to be a small classroom necessities shopping spree at Staples), and then I headed to work for a few hours at the school. We're making a notebook of our curriculum for all the math teachers since we don't use a book. Because I'm super organized and have all the material we used this year (with keys for all of it) in notebooks (for Algebra I and Algebra AB), we had my notebooks copied by an office aide, and then yesterday I worked to combine all of the material. I had separate notebooks for the separate classes but all organized by unit, but we wanted all of the materials by unit to take out the repeat sheets (not as many repeats as I thought there would be though). I ran a bit more of a shopping spree after work, and then I enjoyed an afternoon of play with Katelyn, and I went downtown with LaRae to buy Ringling Bros circus tickets at the AA Center. Katelyn got a free ticket for "reading" 5 books, and I, being the insane(ly fun) aunt that I am, decided an aunt trip to the circus that truly lives up to it's motto of being the "happiest place on earth" would be the best idea in the world! Really I think it's going to be a lot of fun. We're going on July 29th for the 11:30 am show. Thankfully LaRae and Randy are driving us because we all know that if I drove you may never see Katelyn and I again. Anyways, I loved getting to go to church and catch up with my friends (all of whom I missed a ton!), and I was more than happy to have someone to make a comic book store run with. (Thanks Paul and Jennifer!) I just wish I had had more comic books to buy!

Today I got to spend the day with Katelyn, LaRae, and K's little friend, Charlotte. Such sweet little girls! We had a blast, and after dinner, LaRae and I got pedi's. I needed the time to relax and literally put up my feet. I'm about to go home to a bubble bath and a good book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (for the second time this summer...I missed a lot!)

Tomorrow I'm going to the science museum in Fort Worth with LaRae and Katelyn's play group. That should be fun. Tomorrow night I really want to start packing some. I need to get a few boxes done, but the more I've thought about it, I've realized I'm going to be really bored during the days that LaRae and family are out of town after Wednesday, so I'll have plenty of time to pack then. Besides I need to enjoy the little bit of summer I have left with them. I now know where the Lewisville Public Library is, so I'm going to get a library card next week and start using it. I can't wait! I don't know what's taken me so long...Perhaps the crazy 10-12 hour days I put in at the school last fall or the lack of time I had in the spring to do anything but plan the Math TAKS class or maybe it was the multitude of books I had available to borrow from the Library of LaRae. Hmmmm.... :-)

I better go. We just sent Randy to the store for tuna, carrot chips, and creamy Italian dressing and then I ran out to stop him to ask him to get chocolate teddy grahams as well. He laughed and asked if I was sure one of us wasn't pregnant bc that was a very random list of stuff. LOL. Yeah...pretty sure there. If only it was possible for me to be pregnant. Sigh. God has given me a great job and a great life here in Dallas with a loving family (church and by blood) and the sweetest niece an aunt could want. He's given me a nice home and some good, loyal friends. I just hope that He will soon give me someone to share all of this with...

Good night!

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