Thursday, July 06, 2006


Quick bullet points on my day in Georgia:
  • I went to help at the church and ended up playing pirate's bounty on the computer with LaRae after I helped with a bit of stuff.
  • I ended up getting sick while at the building, and as Mom and I were leaving, I bumped into the wall (I'm a klutz!), and it hit my cell that was clipped on my pocket and knocked half the jewels off. The only thing to do was take the last of them off, so now my phone looks naked!
  • I took a 2 hour nap on the couch when we got home after helping Mom clean for some guests we'll have over the weekend.
  • I played more Slingo/Pirate's with LaRae and chatted with her. She was awfully witty tonight...
  • Now I'm feeling mostly better, but my tummy keeps making odd noises, and I'm about to read and head to bed.

Eventful day, eh? :-) Tomorrow's the aquarium, and I think Sunday we're going to go to Stone Mountain for the laser show. The nice thing about visiting tourist spots that you've gone to year after year is that there's no real temptation for a souvenir! I might get kiddy lou a shirt though. Have a good weekend!

PS- Lo and Behold! I just got a call from Mambo, one of my best friends from college. It was really fun to catch up with her. She was surprised I answered. She is one of those friends who knows and accepts that I have to be in the right mood to talk on the phone sometimes. :-) Ha ha ha! She always leaves messages like. "hey hobbit girl! I know you're just sitting there staring at your phone and not answering, and you'll get this message right after I leave it, so get off your rear and out of your mood and call me back!" Ha! Good friendships surpass all missed chances seeing each other and all great distances between catch up phone calls.

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