Friday, July 07, 2006

Swimmin' with the Fishes

Oi! I'm so full right now! We just got back from dinner at my favorite restaurant in town: Rossa's. I love their house yummy! Anyways, of course I ate too much, and now I'm sitting her miserable wishing I had stopped midway.

Mom, Pam, and I went to the aquarium today. It's nice to be friends with Pam even though she's Mom's best friend. We've always had a special relationship. The aquarium was neat. It was really crowded which was annoying and slightly nerve wracking, but it was still nice. Honestly the place I could have stayed all day was watching the sea otters and the sea lions. One sea otter was swimming on her back the whole time and sucking on her paw. The lady there who was doing a commentary on the sea otters over the loud speaker said that while the sea otter liked to keep her paw in her mouth, that was not normal behavior for a sea otter. It was just sort of funny! Two of the sea lions were playing up a storm in the water and kept pressing each other up against the glass and churning up the water. They were just really cute.

We saw the 4D movie thing there as well. It sprayed water on us, had bubbles blown over us, and we even felt like the jelly fish tentacles touched us as they were on the screen. 4D is a really fun experience...if you ever get the chance to go, do it. :-) The "tentacles" (aka strings passing over us) stopped at the end of the row, where Pam was sitting by me. She somehow got slightly tangled in the time it was all over, we were laughing so hard we were crying. So fun...

We've got guests (Sue and Darrell: a couple that used to go to Woodstock but moved to Florida) tonight, so I better go. We saw them at the farm, but they came for a visit on their way to Williamsburg, Virginia. Tomorrow I'm helping Kit Kat decorate for her mom's party. It's going to be really nice to see her.

I get back on Tuesday afternoon/evening. I can't wait to see you all at church on Wednesday. :-) I miss "home." I have had a lot of fun here, but I'm ready to start packing and preparing for my move. The time right before a move makes me so anxious. I'll really be better when I can pack up most of my stuff and have it waiting to leave. Wednesday I have to work at the school for a bit on a master notebook for the math department, but Thursday I hope to clear off my shelves in my living room. Wish me luck. :-) Love you all!

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