Sunday, July 09, 2006

Stone Mountain

Does anyone else find that name sort of redundant or rather "duh-like"?

We just got back from Stone Mountain, and as always the laser show was bigger and better than even. I loved the feeling of Southern Pride that I felt coursing though my veins as I watched the end of the show. Sigh. Anyways, good times. I feel like I've been thouroughly indulged this trip with places to go and places to eat. Rather "wined and dined."

Tomorrow I'm going to try to pack as many books as the luggage weight limit will allow, and I'm going to relax during my last full day here. Now that I'm thinking about a possible 100 pounds of luggage, I'm thinking maybe I should leave those books in my car. Of course that means once I get home, I'll have to separate the books and clothing into separate suitcases again to bring the clothing upstairs, but why carry such a load if I'll just have to bring it back down again so soon?! (By the way, I'm hoping I can pack more books by filling in with clothing in 2 suitcases.) Thankfully most of my books are paperbacks. I just never really thought it out when I was moving to TX. I didn't realize how hard it would be to get my junk from GA to TX once I left it behind. Oh well...slow and steady, eh?

Well I'm about to head to bed. I couldn't hardly sleep last night, so I took a long nap this afternoon thus restarting what I like to call "Joanna's nasty little habit of totally ruining her sleep cycle until she dies." Yeah. Maybe I'll play Slingo for a's only midnight!

Be back Tuesday! Yea! ... to pack ... and work ... can my summer last a bit longer than August please? Perhaps we could start back after Thanksgiving instead?


  1. Agreed, see ya I gotta go check out wet lake.

  2. I really empathise with the dragging your stuff from state to state. Word of advice: check out UPS ground for big things like books. Prices can be very reasonable and it will save the hassle of dragging things on a plane. Shortly after Jennifer and I got married and my parents divorced, I had my dad send out the whole of my comic book collection through that means, and it was fairly cheap (although the collection was much smaller than). Again, we miss you and are looking forward to seeing you soon.