Monday, July 10, 2006


I finished packing just now. Whew! What a job! Mom and Dad had a suitcase of LaRae and Randy's here that I was able to pack full. It apparently is a case that gets sent back and forth with things like our junk from here and Christmas presents. Good thing to have. I got a TON of books in that suitcase. It weighed 56 lbs when we first weighed it, but we got it down to 48, so counting on some difference in the scales, I'm hoping it will work. If not I've got a set of books I can take out real quick and tuck under my arm that will bring down the weight. The other suitcase (the small one I came with) is around 40 lbs. I got two high school yearbooks in it. I wanted my freshman yearbook for my classroom since I teach freshmen, and then my next fave was my Senior year, so I got it in. They weight a lot, so I'll bring a few each time maybe. I never did get my Junior and Senior yearbooks in college...didn't even get my picture taken! Oh well. I've got yearbooks back to 3rd grade!

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up and putting my +/- 90 lbs of luggage in the car and going to work with Mom until we have to leave for the airport. I'm telling you, if I was on this season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge, I'd be in exile, and I'd be screwed! Too much luggage! Anyways, my bookcases in my new apartment will be much more full of books, and they will now include more classics. I'm thinking on putting my books in my bedroom this time though. Maybe one bookcase can go in the living room, but I don't have one that matches my furniture, so that may have to wait until I can afford one. At least once I move I'll be able to carry things like bookcases in myself! Yea! Can't wait!

I've got a long day tomorrow of traveling and such. Work and church on Wednesday, and I really want to pack a box or two as well. Thursday I've got to take care of setting up a walk through and painting in my new apartment, and I also want to pack more then. By the end of this week I want to go to the pool at least twice too!

Summer is ending, but I'm finally looking forward to going back to work. I get a charge about the idea of setting up my classroom for another year and getting my procedures and discipline methods better this time! I'm so glad I decided to stay at ----- another year, so I can settle in more and not be the newbie. There's something nice about going back to a job you really finally know.

LaRae and I have been watching Treasure Hunters for an internet survey company, and I've grown to really like it. Anyone else watch it? I'm ready for the Fogal's and their whiney daughter to go, but I must admit, the self-proclaimed "Geniuses" team is annoying to me too. Thank goodness the Wild Hanlons are gone though. They were painful to watch. Hell's Kitchen has been a fave of mine since it started last season. Food and drama! Fun! I haven't seen it tonight, but Sara and her backstabbing make me want to scream. Has anyone seen the previews for NBC's Heroes? I think I'm going to start watching that. It looks odd enough to be given a chance. Besides, Commander in Chief was cancelled (SOOOO SAD about that...seriously), so I need something to take it's spot. :-) There's my TV synopsis...not much really. What are ya'll watching to pass the summer slump in shows? I mean really, isn't TV broken up into Lost showing new episodes and then all the times in between?

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  1. Summer TV is surprisingly good during primetime so far. Treasure Hunters is enjoyable, although all I can say each week is "This is so much tougher than the Amazing Race!". Jennifer and I have started to enjoy "America's got Talent", which is weird, since we have never watched American Idol, the originator of the genre. Last Comic Standing is always good, although it feels like they are trying to hurry through it and they just kicked out Gabriele for having a blackberry (the device, not the food). He was the funniest. Caught an episode of "psych" on the USA network and was pleasantly surprised with the mix of humor and crime fighting. I have not yet seen them, but I am excited about the upcoming shows "Nightmare and Dreamscapes" on TNT (adaptations of Stephen King short stories) and Eureka! on Sci-Fi (a regular detective solves crime in a town populated by scientific geniuses). Anyway, some good stuff on.

    "Heroes" looks awesome. It and "Jericho" are shows that I am already sold on.

    It's good to have you back, Joanna. You were missed.